Boys Are Gross!


It’s becoming clear to me why little girls think little boys are gross.  They have a point – little boys ARE gross.  Case in point: my almost 15-month-old boy was playing on the stairs today.  When I went to retrieve him, he had taken half of his diaper off, and…  well, I really don’t want to get too technical or disgustingly detailed, so let’s just say that he had gone #2 in his diaper and that it was a precarious situation and made for a difficult maneuver to get him off the stairs and cleaned up without spreading the mess.  Leave it to the boy…

Not going to comment on my now 5-year-old daughter’s ‘painting with poop phase’ she had when she was a toddler –  that was far worse, but just a phase.  Our boy seems to live to get into things he’s not supposed to, whether it be splashing in the dog’s water bowl, dumping the dog’s food (he does each of these activities 2-3 times a day!), wanting to play with wires, throwing food, smearing food, squeezing food in his fist, dumping drinks, playing in the toilet, the list goes on…        BOYS!

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  1. I’m not so sure it is just boys. I only had girls, and sometimes they were just gross. Someday, when it will embarrass them the most, I will have to share a story or two.

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