A Language All Their Own


WOW – two posts in a row from me, what’s that about?  My kids are on spring break, and the older ones are playing with the younger ones, giving me some unexpected spare time.  I wouldn’t dare schedule a household project; everyone knows the magic would end and I would suddenly find myself in the middle of an undone project.  Don’t worry, I already know it’s a fluke, and I don’t expect it to last long.  In the meantime, I enjoyed this video and wanted to share it.  Almost makes me want twins someday.  Almost.

I think the one twin got an idea about climbing on the kitchen appliances, and the other twin is telling him how he’d fall, get hurt, and how much mommy would yell at both of them.  Whatever they’re saying, they are adorable!

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  1. They were on GMA this morning. The interviewers were nervous that they would not “perform” but were just as adorably talkative 😉

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