On The Way


to our final rehearsal for tomorrow night’s gala premiere, I stopped by the BP to fill up.  I come back to the car and start her up.  OOOPS… no start.  I try again… NO START.  A good samaritan comes along and gives me a jump start.  WHOO HOO.. we make it the final half block to the theatre.  During intermission, I went back to the car to start it up again just to make sure.  AAAAND you guessed it, no soap.  One of the cast members knows the owner of the local auto store in town and asked if I would like him to check it out in the morning.  OH. THANK YOU BERT!  We decided that it was probably the battery that has not been changed since I bought it back in ’02.  Nice 🙁  So my little car is sitting in the lot.  Thank goodness, we got Chad to come pick Shelby and I up.  I did not want to chance another start and die on the way home.

The show itself is definitely ready for an audience!  All this “sentimental hogwash” can now get underway!  WOW… 24 hours from now, night number one will be in the books!  In less than 21 hours, the curtain will rise.  I am ready for the thunderous applause (or something…) to begin.  Break a leg all!

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  1. Yes, a 7yo battery would be the first to go on a bitter cold day. I believe I replaced mine last year. My car started no problem this morning.

    So your turn now to have your show open. My sentiments reflect justj’s!

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