SLOOOWly I Turned… INCH By Inch… STEP By Step


Be ready to have another second in 2008.  It seems that the Earth’s rotation is continually slowing and to make up for it, a leap second is being added on December 31 at 6:59:59 p.m EST.  This is not the first time the phenomenon has occurred.  Leap seconds have been inserted on numerous occasions since 1972 and the most recent one was on New Year’s Eve 2005.  To read a more in depth explanation click here.

I have no idea how many people will be glued to their clocks and watches (the invention of atomic clocks was mentioned in the article) at one second til 7 on 12-31.  However, it could have happened in the middle of the night when people are sleeping.  Of course, it will be the middle of the night somewhere at that time.  However, by the time some think to remember about the leap, it willl be over.  Unlike this post… does it seem like I am reaching for a topic?

3 thoughts on “SLOOOWly I Turned… INCH By Inch… STEP By Step”

  1. jamiahsh

    No fair use a quote from a movie and not letting us in on which movie it was… I couldn’t remember, so I had to do a search….

    Slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch … Moe Howard – Gents without Cents 1944
    Or… The derelict – Lost in a Harem 1944
    Or… Everyone – Godspell 1973

    I didn’t find it, but I think it was also used in a Bug Bunny Cartoon.

    AARGH!! The search took me more than the second we gained…

  2. somehow I knew that would get you. They also used it in an episode of I Love Lucy (The Ballet, trigger word… Martha). Abbott and Costello did it several times. Drew Carey references it from time to time on the Price is Right whenever a contestant mentions that they are from Rancho Cucamonga or some other exotic place. Trying to remember the Bugs Bunny short, but have long passed my extra second as well. 😉 Classic vaudeville sketch that at least 3 authors claim ownership of.

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