Like A Good Neighbor…


I don’t think State Farm could have helped in this case that fittingly enough happened in the state up north.  Until recently, a Michigan woman has been helping three of her neighbors by making sure that their children were safely put on the school bus for the 6 mile trip.  Shortly after the beginning of the school year, Lisa Snyder received a letter from the Michigan Department of Human Services warning her that her charity was in violation of a law aimed at unlicensed day care centers and she would be fined if she continued.  This for watching THREE children (not including her own daughter) who each had their parent’s permission.  They each spent about an hour at the woman’s home preparing for school.  One has to wonder how and why the authorities learned of this generosity.  I can understand a houseful of children but 4 children do not a houseful make (of course others might disagree).

At least after learning of this travesty, the state powers that be are in the process of changing the regulations allowing good samaritans like Mrs. Snyder to continue making sure that a few of her neighbor’s children make it safely to school.  I realize that not everyone can be trusted but this individual was just doing a good deed and known well enough and trusted to do it.

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  1. Yes, I heard about this crazy – and speaking of crazy, it usually is pretty nuts when you have 3 or more children in a place. But this is definitely an example of the law taking over good parenting, and I’m never happy to see that. At one point is a line drawn? Is a sleepover party considered child care; would you need a license?

  2. There was a situation in e-town a few years ago involving a full-time sitter who had as many as 12 at once… I can see the point in that instance. I don’t remember if they ended up getting a license or diminished the load. But 12 at once… even I wouldn’t be so crazy.

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