For The TRUE Super Fans Out There


While attempting to come up with a brilliant post, I searched the “Latest Headlines” tab on my browser and came up with a link to a strange Guinness Record that a large group of people were trying to set (since it has never been done before). With the assistance of one good samaritan, the group was able to set the record. Also, check out the name of the hero who saved the day (Spelling may be off, but…). I have only one thing to say to this: Some people will do ANYTHING.

1 thought on “For The TRUE Super Fans Out There”

  1. Hehe…
    Reminds me of the stunts on Letterman where he sees how many Santas or Supermans (Supermen?), etc. he can fit into a coffee shop. Then he’ll throw in other crazy things at the end just for the heck of it, like a bigfoot and a gorilla or something. It’s hilarious to see all these people in costumes just standing around in there!

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