Ever Had A Big Mac Attack?


Have you ever had a late night craving that only the “tow all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onion on a sesame seed bun” could cure?  Apparently, that was the motive behind a woman’s irate shooting at a McDonald’s drive thru window Sunday morning.  The woman, driving a white Dodge Intrepid, entered the drive-thru of a Salt Lake City restaurant an wanted to order lunch, dinner, anything else besides what was being offered.  Apparently, 24-hour McDonald’s change from lunch/dinner to breakfast only around 2AM.  I never understood the need for fast-food establishments to have different hours for different meals.  Is there something that prohibits them from serving quarter pounders at the same time as egg mcmuffins?  In any case you can follow the link to the full details and a possible connection to other shots heard a few hours ealier

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  1. From what I read, they split the meals due to limited equipment. Eggs are cooked at a lower temperature, and at lunchtime all their equipment is in use keeping up with the burger need. However, in the reverse situation I don’t know why burgers couldn’t be cooked on the sausage grill- surely they use similar temperatures. But if they don’t, then that’s why.

    Myself, I never understood why they switch to lunch at 10:30 instead of 11. To me, anything before 11 is breakfast. Maybe I can ask my friend Matt who manages a McD’s. I do know that long ago the switch was at 11.

  2. “tow all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onion on a sesame seed bun” – the real question is… Tow them where? Those must be some big patties!

    1. Thank you for pointing that out. I think that is why McDs cannot serve all meals all the time. The Big Mac is so big that you need a wrecking crew to make them. Now how do they fit them in the restaurant?

  3. Ah, yes, this very dilemma sent us into bad food moods (foody) several times. The worst is when you order breakfast, they make it wrong, you have to wait in a super-slow line to return it, and by the time you get to the window or counter, it’s lunch and you can’t get your breakfast made the way you ordered it. This has happened to us at least once, but of course we didn’t shoot up the place – I might have made a joke about someone who might someday, which is unsettling, but it is a frustrating thing. If I’m not mistaken, a call to the police was threatened – but I can’t remember if it was us who wanted to call about their stealing our money and refusing to give a refund or them calling the police to get us out of their drive-thru… either way, it ended peacefully and I certainly don’t mean to make light of this situation.
    It’s frustrating – and you’d think McD’s would have enough money to try to make all of their customers happier by being able to serve BOTH breakfast and lunch at the SAME time. Maybe this will be a test store of the future – seen first on Morat’s Blog!

  4. Or…. in an attempt to compete with Big Boy… all McDonalds are going to build a monument featuring a gigantic Officer Big Mac holding a twenty-foot tall Big Mac.

  5. There was talk some time ago about testing out breakfast all day- I can only assume they brought in an extra grill for it. I guess it never panned out since breakfast still ends at 10:30.

  6. While watching opening day games on ESPN and the deuce, I saw a Jack in the Box commercial advertising all menus all the time. Not one of those around here though.

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