Curses… Foiled Again


On Monday in a very small rural community in Ohio (approximately 60 miles west of Toledo), a very intelligent individual attempted to rob a small bank in broad daylight while several people looked on. It seems that the would-be robber got out of his vehicle with a heavy coat, pulled on a ski mask, and got his weapon from the back seat. Some of the employees saw the suspicious gentleman and ran out of the bank. A chase involving townspeople ensued. Apparently, the perpretator did not know the area very well as he was forced to turn his car around and re-enter the village.

Residents near Ohio-Ind. line help snag bank robbery suspect

I’m not sure if this is normal behavior for a bank robber. It would look awfully suspicious to me if a man put on a ski-mask, a heavy coat, and produced a gun from the back of his car in the middle of a 60 degree sunny day. Maybe, he was TRYING to make it on a broadcast of “World’s Smartest(?) Criminals.” At least the man was intelligent enough to attempt the robbery on a Monday. On Friday, the street is generally populated by patrolmen who enjoy lunch at the local steakhouse. OOPS…. I hope I did not give any bright ideas.

5 thoughts on “Curses… Foiled Again”

  1. Hmmm, how do you know so much about this? 😉

    I too found this story amusing… also saw the sheriffs poking around the bank nearby my house on Monday… wonder what that was about? Increase in bank crimes lately because of this awful economy lately?

  2. Word travels fast…. lady from our church choir lives in Blakeslee. I saw in the BT the other day of the multiple robberies…. Your theory sounds absolutely plausible. At least it replaced the town hall issue for discussion at the store for the last few days.

  3. oh yes, the town hall issue is getting downright nasty. Someone wrote a bitter letter to the paper the other day about city council using their executive sessions to pass things secretly and whatnot. And Pioneer sounds like it is falling apart also what with one police chief going to prison and the replacement police chief being accused of harrassing a former officer and his family. What are small towns in NW Ohio coming to? 😉
    Things like this would never happen in Chicagoland…
    (because there the city officials’ crimes are much more serious!)

  4. And here we just had an earthquake… Well, downstate actually but still felt up here by people other than me. I had to hear about it later.

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