Cleaning up the streets?


Apparently someone who was attempting to clean up the state he governed needed to look in his own backyard. As more details rise from the controversy surrounding the sex scandal of New York governor Eliot Spitzer, one of the leading stars involved in the prostitution ring is an aspiring actress/singer named Ashley Dupre. It is really unfortunate that a young person would feel the need to become involved in such a lifestyle…. even living with the governor in an apartment in Manhattan until he walked out on her. Although she does not want to be though of as a “monster,” who can say whether or not she will ever be seen as anything but the governor’s plaything. It just seems like a lot of young ladies (and men) who want to become stars are prone to controversy. Britney, Jamie Lynn (good name… wrong spelling), Lindsay Lohan, and several others seem to grace entertainment periodicals and news broadcasts everywhere. Not very good role models for teenage youngsters. The evils that celebrity leads to.

Which is not to say that the main character in the mess is the young lady. On the contrary, it is disgusting that the man who had been praised for reportedly decreasing the amount of crime and smut in New York state would be such a hypocrite.

3 thoughts on “Cleaning up the streets?”

  1. A politicain being a hypocrite? Who would have guessed? 😉
    They lived together? Didn’t know that… and how did that work when he has a wife and kids? And why is the young “lady” in question going public? I read her brother is actually curious about that… more $, I guess.

  2. And the “governors” wife looks as if she is going to stand by him. How hard would that be to do especially with kids.

  3. To a degree, I understand the part about “standing by your man” – marriage is for better or worse, some people believe… however, I can’t believe she’s doing it in public. She looks sickened when she stands there on the podium next to him. I can’t believe she can resist the urge to crawl away somewhere and hide.

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