Any Landing You Can Walk Away From…


is a good landing.  At least that is what I’ve heard.  Recently, a pilot flying his Cesna 182 had to make an emergency landing when his engine suddenly failed.  After the pilot’s attempt to turn the plane around to return to the airport failed, he set down too quickly, hit a fence, and flipped over.  Miraculously, the inverted aircraft landed in a  field of Port-a-Potties.  Reportedly, the plane got three hundred feet in the air, the engine sputtered, and sent the pilot and his passenger on a fast descent.  If the pilot did not have to go before he left, I am confident he had to go when he landed.  Fortunately, the pilot and his passenger only received a few bumps and bruises and walked away from the accident.

4 thoughts on “Any Landing You Can Walk Away From…”

  1. Honey Buckets = a business that rents Port-a-Potties? So chances are, they were empty and clean – that pilot got REAL lucky!

  2. It would appear that was the case. I’ve never had the pleasure of being near a clean port-a-pottie.

  3. Praise God they got out of it safe and sound, even if the landing was rather, well, you know someone has to say it… cr*ppy. 😮

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