A Day Of Heroes… Ten Years Later


It just seems surreal that we are already remembering the tenth anniversary of one of the two days that “will live in infamy.”  It seems like only yesterday when I rushed out into the beauty shop (on a Tuesday… don’t remember why Mom was working unusually on a Tuesday) to tell everyone that a plane had just crashed into one of the twin towers.  I’m sure, like millions of others, that this had to have been a horrific accidental however, minutes later it became clear that the United States of America was under attack!  Like everyone else, we were glued to the television.

A few years ago, I travelled with some friends to Ground Zero and saw first had the remains of the horror.  I remember vividly standing at the site where a few years ago, I was on tour with the BGSU Men’s chorus on Spring Tour.  Totally stunned! Walking through the building which houses items from the site, video clips, recordings, fragments of the buildings, and a myriad of other memorabilia was very emotional.  Seeing the skyline from outside our hotel complex was haunting.  Remembering, what to me, was the worst day in the country’s history.  The worst day perhaps but not without a sense of pride in hearing America’s response to the attacks.  he hundreds of firefighters, police, and other rescue personnel bravely, selflessly rushing in to deadly environments to rescue the living and search for the departed.  Hearing the voices and hearing the stories of those who fought back when their plane was highjacked.  TRUE heroes who do not wear capes or leap tall buildings in a single bound!

This weekend, I was presented with a brilliant question: ” What do we tell the little ones who may or may not understand the why and consequences of September 11, 2001?”  How are the children of those who sacrificed their lives remembering their parents or do they even remember them?

Today, let our nation remember those heroes not in the spirit of retaliation of those who were responsible for the devastation but in a spirit of forgiveness.  This morning’s readings and Father Art’s sermon could not have been poignant.  How many times must we ourselves forgive others?  Seventy-seven.  Drawing from the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15: 11-32): [We are] still a long way off.

Remember and forgive.


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  1. The kids’ page in the newspaper from last week contained a bunch of tools and helpful hints for talking to kids about 9/11/01. I was going to go over it for homeschool, but as it turns out, my kids didn’t really have many questions, so I figured why open that can of worms and we just stuck to the regular curriculum. I think I will save the page for a time in the future when I have more kids who are old enough to learn about it.

  2. I also remember exactly where I was, what I was doing at the time. A memory imprint of a tragic happening, though I am sure such imprints can happen for suddenly joyous occasions too. I also have an imprint of the tragic Challenger accident of 1986 (though not the later Columbia one oddly enough).

    A sad day in our history. All the people on the planes lost, many of the workers inside the buildings lost, along with those who- to not be disrespectful- tried a different type of exit when they couldn’t use the stairs, the emergency responders…

    We did not have a 9/11 message at our church, but some of our local first responders were invited and a few even showed up in uniform. They may not have had anything to do with 9/11, but their job is the same and they would do no less if such an event happened here. As such we honored them as we would the ones who were actually there. If only the event wasn’t dampened by two people I know sending me links to videos on government conspiracies about what happened. At least one of them waited until the day was over to send it.

  3. I remember the Challenger tragedy as well. Like you, D,the Columbia incident did not have the same impact… Media’s role perhaps. Tay, I just lanced at Saturday’s paper and missed the Mini Page’s take. I agree, if the kids were not inquiring, I would save it for another day.

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