A Buckeye And A Bee


History was made moments ago at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, D.C. as Anamika Veeramani (from North Royalton) became the 9th Ohioan to win the Scripp’s National Spelling Bee.  Ohio now holds the record for most winners.  It has been 42 years between Buckeye victories,  The winning word: stromuhr (a rheometer designed to measure the amount and speed of blood flow through an artery).

Also new to me is the inclusion of a Canadian speller (an 11 year old girl from Toronto who would have been the youngest champion since the 1940s… but finishing in the top 10 is no small feat).  I was also unaware that a Puerto Rican speller is also eligible.

In the top 4  were Elizabeth Platz of Missouri, Shantanu Srivatsa of North Dakota and Adrian Gunawan of Arlington Heights, Illinois.

One highlight was the moment when Miss Platz told the announcer that his sentence using the word rhytidome was “boring.”  Unfortunately for Elizabeth, her attempt at brevity did not help in the spelling of the word derived from the Greek which is the bark external to the last formed periderm I don’t get it, either).  She spelled it r-h-y-t-o-d-o-m-e.  Darn schwa.

Congrats to all the spellers!  And welcome back to OHIO!

5 thoughts on “A Buckeye And A Bee”

  1. Congratulations Ohio, and particularly Anamika Veeramani (whose name I had to cut and paste from the post as, ironically, I could never spell it).

  2. YAY Ohio! I read on the DH that a kid from Arlington Hts made the nationals, but I didn’t pay much attention.
    Back in the day, I made it past the class and grade bees to the school bee once… 😳
    (Thanks to Derek for the reminder of how to do the smiley, and to justj for having the link so accessible on his blog!!)

  3. Yes, he was the first of the final four to go down. I guess there was a bit of controversy with the restraints put in place for the 2 hour live telecast and the added pressure on the kids to perform on network tv? but what doesn’t have some controversy these days?

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