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When I sign in to my google account, on igoogle they ave a neat little gadget that gives you links to 1 or more wikiHow articles. Today’s was how to separate an Egg. Very informative article on this somewhat delicate procedure. Now a few years ago I wrote a little post on how to crack eggs one handed. I can’t recall were I put it so I will have to enter it by memory — This is a slightly humorous post, and it may or may not be funny to you. So now that the disclaimer is out of the way, on to breaking eggs one handed.

We’ve all seen in the cooking shows, on movies, or TV where someone is making eggs and cracking them, dropping the egg in the bowl, or skillet and then discarding the egg shell. I’ve tried this many times only to discover that the eggshell is calmly sinking in my bowl of eggs. these could be large pieces of egg shell, or the smaller bits that you only find when eating the finished product. So I always thought that there should be some sort of lessons on the art of cracking the egg 1 handed.

So here goes.

1) It all starts with the egg. Make sure that the egg fits your hand comfortably. If you have small hands, you don’t want to try cracking the Grade A super-duper large eggs with one hand. This will just make a mess. You should grip the small end of the egg with your index and middle finger. Use both, you don’t want to give the egg the finger do you? Grasp the larger end of the egg between your palm and thumb.

2) Make sure your thumb is positioned toward the end of the egg. Give the egg a sharp tap on the side of the bowl you are using to deposit the eggs. You may want to start using a bowl that you will be putting the egg shells in, sometimes this stage will cause shell fragments to drop in the bowl. With practice this is not usually a problem.

3) Pull the egg apart by expanding and slightly straightening out your fingers. Make sure you are holding the egg over the bowl at this point, it may come apart on your first try. If your egg isn’t opening, hit it again.

4) Open the egg just enough to allow the egg to drop through the expanded opening. This allows you to keep a good grip on the egg shell. Do not shake the egg to get everything out until you get comfortable holding the egg in this manner. Shaking the egg shell may cause shell fragments to fly all over the place (take cover when shell fragments are flying).

5) Dispose of empty shell and try it again. Practice, practice practice.

6) What to do with all those eggs? I would suggest in the early stages of your practicing, that you will want to stick with things like egg sandwiches on Melba Toast, Brownies with nuts, Cookies with nuts, Cakes with nuts, and any other egg dish you can think of that also contains explainable crunchies. Can’t be wasting those eggs just because you couldn’t dig out all the shell fragments can you?

Now, the question is, should I post this to wikiHow?

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