One Labor Day Institution Comes To A Close


Well… another summer is UNofficially over.  It seems that once Labor Day is here, the kiddies are back in school and the county fair is about to begin, the scene changes.  However, it is my favorite season.  This holiday weekend is considerably different and I did not even realize that it was set to change this time last year.  Since 1966, Jerry Lewis has been the face of the Muscular Dystrophy Association as HIS telethon began airing locally and has spread Nationwide since.  In total during his reign, he helped raise $1.66 billion to find a cure to the number of diseases which affect millions of “Jerry’s Kids” around the world.  Apparently, last fall it was announced that the 21.5 hour telecast would be chopped down to a six-hour broadcast on Sunday night from 6PM-midnight.  That was not the only change to come.

In May, Jerry announced that this year’s star-filled extravaganza would be his swan song  but he would appear to close the show with his traditional take on “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”  In August, the organization announced that not only would the comedian/philanthropist not “be appearing on the telethon” but also “had completed his run as [MDA’s] national chairman.”  Dunno but it sounds like  some water under that bridge especially when little has been heard from Jerry himself.

I had to work last night and went to a bon fire after so I was unable to watch any of the shortened broadcast.  However, I have learned that in the 6 hours $61.5 million was raised (two million more than last year’s total).  I think it will be interesting to see if this version will be as successful as the last 45 years.  I realize that 22.5 hours is a long time and technology exists that can get word out and raise $2 million more than a year ago; however, it should be interesting to see if this year was more of a farewell for the decades long chairman.

Plus the fact that 2 days ago it was 100º+ and today’s temp barely reached 60º has not been lost on me!  I love the autumn season but a gradual fall into it is greatly appreciated 😉

2 thoughts on “One Labor Day Institution Comes To A Close”

  1. As someone who works outside for a living )when I’m not working from behind my computer that is) I appreciate temps like today’s. Last Thursday and Friday were brutal.

    I suppose eventually the Lewis/MDA story will come out, we’ll just have to wait.

  2. “a gradual FALL into it would be greatly appreciated” – haha, pun not lost here!
    Last year I was close to deciding that Fall was my new favorite season, but this year I’m backtracking since I can’t participate in many of my favorite fall activities.
    And I thought it was impossible these days for me to feel cold, but I’m so used to wearing shorts and sandals that I’ve had a lesson on being cold these last few days! It’s a good thing though since the kids were freezing all the time and begging me to turn off the air conditioning. Needless to say, they got their wish!

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