Not Even Thinking About It Yet


I know that it is only a bit over three months away but it will be here before we know it.  I already have a standing invitation to help my new neighbors around the block prepare for their Christmas spectacular which they did annually while living in the Carolinas.  Plus, auditions for Miracle on 34th Street (in lieu of the postponed Sound of Music) are next week,  Yesterday, I was informed that Wally World has already started hauling out the holly not to mention the return of layaway.  I remember when there was lawawat (I can’t even spell it correctly) year-round.

Yesterday ar my voice lesson, I saw a stack of Yuletide books underneath K’s keyboard,  Tis the season, already?  Not to worry, I have a few weeks to decide on a few to work up as “I learn faster than most of the other students.”  Any suggestions?  I have always wanted to put a nice “Ave Maria” in my rep AND this would fulfill a request for a foreign language selection.

Another remark from the neighbors (TK is an E-Town native) is the absence of  things that were a part of our small town about 20-25 years ago… no more bakery, the town goes to bed with the sun, the second grocery no longer exists.  I told her that Halloween consists of one hour Trick or Treat and a parade to the fire hall for a costume judging.  Black Friday is another parade with Santa being driven on his Fire engine sleigh to the fire hall and then he returns to the North Pole after only one night of listening to the wishes of the little ones.  And what happened to the carolers who would go door-to-door.  She just shook her head when I told her that Scouts (Boy and Girl both) haven’t done it for years.  Kind of sad.

I guess I have been thinking about the holidays (in a way) for a few months while I have been receiving FB posts of holiday lights set to sounds of the season and photos of A Christmas Story scenes (which will be making its Broadway musical debut soon…. eh… I’m sure it will be successful but, reallY?!)

4 thoughts on “Not Even Thinking About It Yet”

  1. Should I even add to your “too early” bewilderment by mentioning Moody Radio’s Christmas in September event this Friday? 😀

    Some screen to stage adaptations are successful- Legally Blonde (never saw it myself, movie or stage, but a local group just put it on) and Big (same group that just put on the aforementioned show also did this one some years ago- I even tried out for it, but as usual didn’t make it) are just a couple I can think of.

  2. Addams Family; Footloose; all the Disney shows (but those are almost ready-made musicals… Newsies & Poppins come to mind); Billy Elliott. Not that they aren’t successful as a fair share are originality aside,

  3. We listen to Christmas music in the car year-round. There’s never an inappropriate time to celebrate the birth of our Savior 🙂
    But some of the Santa stuff can get a little old 😉

  4. The music is probably my favorite part of the season! I, too could listen to it year round. Have my song selected and my role given of which I will post shortly. While I will never outgrow the more secular songs, the beauty of a Silent or O, Holy Night can never be surmounted.

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