I feel like I crossed a line


Last week the price of the initial version of the iPad were dropped by $100. I went out and bought one.

Initially, I was looking for something to read some manuals for work. My nook just wasn’t up to that task. Then I found an app that just may help me to put my thoughts down without wasting lots of paper or post-its. So far I’ve found many things I like to do with this little device. It is almost too fun.

The iPad has replaced my droid for quick checks of the weather, and quick games of angry birds. It replaced my laptop for email checking and looking up blog post or other social networks. On some books, it even replaced my nook!!

I know I will still use some sort of PC for things requiring a computer. The screen size and speed are lacking on the iPad for some applications. I also need storage for the iPad. I can envision a time when I will be moving things around to get what I need for a day or week.

Of course, this won’t replace my android phone, too big to carry around all the time. My nook is my favorite electronic means of reading books. But I can use this to watch movies during a trip. I can send off a quick email or two. I can post a blog update. I can check on sport scores and news. I have found uses for it and I just like using it.

Good points to this are many, but there are also some things that limit the device. I still have issues with some of them.

1) You must have a windows or Mac PC to even start running the thing. An iTunes account is needed just to start it. As far as I could determine iTunes is not available on my Linux machines. That almost made me take the thing back.
2) To be more useful it needs a keyboard. That limits the portability. The touch screen keyboard works, but it takes up valuable screen space. And you can’t touch type.
3) For the same reason I stayed away from iTunes, I have a small problem with this device. It is too easy to make a bunch of small purchases that add up quickly. $0.99 seems like such a small price, but it could add up.
4) It still seems expensive for what it does. I realize you are paying for the small size and apple name, but I feel the cost is a bit son the high side. This is what you will have when there is really no close competition from any other slate type devices. Apple found their niche and made it their own.

All that said, it is still a fun little device. I’m sure that I will find many more uses for it.

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  1. Apparently you are not paying for the Apple name for the ipad as you would a mac. Case in point- no one has yet come out with a similar device as cheap as, let alone less expensive than the ipad. The Motorola Xoom may change this though, with a rumored price for the wifi-only version at $529 at Sam’s Club when it debuts. But that’s just Sam’s Club- how much at a normal store? Still, it looks pretty nice in any event.

  2. Glad you are enjoying your ipad. Since I don’t really keep up on the latest technology, this conversation is mostly over my head. So, I will respond instead by saying that I found a Libre book reader on a great sale a few weeks ago, and I’ve really been enjoying it! Especially since I am simultaneously reading two 1000+ page books, and the book reader saves me SO much lugging and bulk when I switch between them in bed. Again, I’m glad you are happy with your new purchase!!

  3. My Mac-obsessed brother spent the day in line in Columbus for the ipad2. Small reason the price of the original dropped so much but hey, I’m sure the original is just fine.

  4. I refuse to get the iPad ever, in my opinion it is an overpriced paper weight, also because I despise apple products. I can do pretty much the same stuff on my Droid X. Also tablet computer aren’t the most convient/useful things yet in my opinion. I think there is a reason why linux doesn’t really have something like iTunes, because it was originally developed for like office use

  5. After a couple of more days, I will stick to my initial post. The thing does some things extremely well. Some things are passable, others it just doesn’t work at all.

    Better than a paper weight, and easier on my eyes than my droid.

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