I didn’t mean to use that much


I made chicken for dinner and thought that it would taste good with some salsa on it. It did, but I put on a bit much. Now I’m paying for it. Up late at night waiting for antacids to kick in. You can’t put it back in the jar after it hits partially cooked chicken. And it was the good stuff too, lots of heat.

Ahh, the joys of aging. I still like all the spicy stuff, but it doesn’t like me as much as it used to. The cast iron stomach seems to have some rust.

On another note, I miss my laptop. Even though I got the tower up and running again, it was so easy to have the laptop with me wherever I wanted to be. I have an old machine going, but it is very, very, very slow. I think it is slower than my internet connection. I do have it loaded with a full version of Unbuntu Linux at this time, maybe that is pushing it a bit. I wonder if it would work with the netbook version of that OS. I may have to try it and find out. I need to get a list of USB or other wireless cards that work with Unbuntu or Puppy Linux. I have two old laptops that I have installed Linux on and only 1 wireless card that works. The newer of the two laptops has an internal wireless, but Linux doesn’t like that one either. I even tried a backdoor way that was supposed to allow the use of the windows drivers. No go. I guess for now I share. I really can’t use two laptops at once can I?

4 thoughts on “I didn’t mean to use that much”

  1. Ditto on the spicy food. Ah, the joys of Linux. I haven’t delved into it in about ten years. It’s interesting to hear someone describe any flavor Linux as “pushing” a computer- Windows is supposed to be the only bloated OS. 😀

  2. Derek, what can I say it is an old laptop with 256K of memory and a slow processor. The x-windows is the part that is pushing it. Takes a lot to have pretty screens.

  3. Heartburn is a bad thing that can keep one from getting restful sleep – I’ve been sleeping better ever since the doc put me on heartburn medication. But I have to admit that I abuse it – I eat spicy food more often and later at night which I couldn’t do without the medication. Somehow I don’t think this is what the doc had in mind…

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