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Trivial stuff. Its all good right? History, geography, arts, foods, science, hobbies. All fair game for trivia questions. Today, the trivia should be based St. Patrick’s Day Right? I could come up with all sorts of trivial things about St. Paddy’s day, but why go through all that work when someone already did it.

So for your enjoyment at St Patrick’s Day Trivia quiz.

4 thoughts on “Did you know?”

  1. Bleah. Only 17 correct. Well, since I’m only a small percentage Irish, far lower than my paltry 57% score on the quiz, then I would say I did really good. Yes, that’s it… 😉

  2. I also got 17 – must be a popular score. Somehow I’m not ashamed that I don’t know that much about St. Patrick’s Day. But I did learn a thing or two that will make next year’s celebration even more fun.

  3. I’ve got a bit o’ the Irish in me, I did very well on that specific quiz. There were some harder ones I found yesterday, that you would really have to be a St. Patrick’s Day trivia nut to score well.

    ‘twould be bragging to give my score. So I will only say, some people could have done better, but not many.

  4. Mary Schaufelberger

    I’m a little late (only 3 days) but I got 18 out of 30 correct. More than half, so I guess I’m ok. Considering I’m of German heritage I’d say that’s really well!!!

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