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It seems that the addition one of our newest tangenteers (I see a newer addition… but it has been years since I have taken a French class)  I am quickly falling behind in my posts (although she does have a few hundred to catch me 😀 ).  Yesterday, I noticed real progress in the continuing dissolving of my blood clot.  I still feel it… not really painful but it is still keeping me at a slow clip.  Madame Peters was in tonight (haven’t seen her since the day before I went to the doctor nearly two or THREE (?) months ago.  I assured her that I am recovering nicely… however slowly.  But I will be back to my 3-4 mile walks 3 times a week before long.  Telling myself that I will be able to do the things I really enjoy doing in time helps with the psychological.

My recital with the rest of K’s students is less than 4 weeks away.  Memorizing my very wordy but very fun piece is challenging but I am really close.  I have nailed down a fine female to do the bit with and once she completes her run in The Wedding Singer, we will get together and get ‘r done.

Well… that is all… My food is probably over done and I have to watch The Office which I DVR’ed… Michael Scott’s farewell is looming.  I think next week is the extended special episode.  Is this the moment when the series will “Jump the Shark?”  How will Will Ferrell fare in the new role?  Time will tell.

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  1. I did not enjoy Will Ferrell’s character on the Office last night. Not really a spoiler in case you haven’t seen it yet, just an opinion. But he was too much of a pompous jerk for me. Michael Scott is more of a clueless, lovable jerk, and I guess I’m looking for a replacement? But who wants to watch a show about a pompous jerk boss – most people have to worry about those in real life. I hope future episodes see further development of the character, and I stand by my original take on the matter – if anyone has a chance of replacing Steve Carell successfully, it’s Will Ferrell – here’s to hoping the writers step it up!! Honestly, I laughed more at the 10th season episode of Friends we watched after the Office… and the 10th season of Friends wasn’t even very good!

  2. Yes, I had the same “pompous jerk reaction.” But we will see what they come up with in the few final episodes of the season.

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