Many Blessings This Week


Today, I became an uncle yet again. Kyndal Grace Hazelton was born at 3:46pm weighing in at 7lbs 10oz and measuring 19.5″.  It has been a long haul but she arrived safely.  Calls at 12:30am… 3:00am…7:45am.  Finally, Charnel’s water was broken around 11 this morning.  We have two little girls and a Bandit sharing the house with us for the next few days.  Two special healthy little ones arriving in less than a weeks time… WHAT A BLESSING!

A touch of sadness also.  Ma2’s mother passed away Saturday at the age of 88.  But I am sure that Mrs. Foster is now with Emily and  Mr. Foster in a place where there is no longer any pain or suffering.  May HE watch over the family and may Jonathan return from his deployment safely.

I have the final piece of my Weekender gig coming soon.  In the next four months, I will put the spit and polish to the lineup of “Songs I Have Learned” including finding 4 male voices to fill the finale out.  One I have asked (any other interested gentlemen out there? Two other fellow tangenteers are (I will assume) out of the question.  One from a distance perspective; the other admits that he “doesn’t sing.”

4 thoughts on “Many Blessings This Week”

  1. Ok, good… I was going to say “cute” which she is but I would like to see her better. Ah, the days of waiting for the baby to come on her own time. And the waiting… and waiting… and waiting… So glad to hear that mother and baby are doing fine. Bless your family for helping out – this kind of help during these times is such a blessing!!

  2. How could I possibly forget my pal’s first time as leading his flock as a church pastor? His message and challenge in discipleship were truly heartfelt and touching (and at times, humorous). He was led well and C in turn will lead well.

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