Double Doctor Duty


This morning was our appointment with the pediatrician.  The “our” refers to my little 18-month-old boy and I.  It seems strange for a 31-year-old to have an appointment with the pediatrician, but as I’ve said before, he is also our resident sleep expert.  Since I never feel rested no matter how much sleep I get, I was trying to get to the bottom of it and even  got a sleep study done.

First and most importantly, my little boy is growing exactly in accordance with the growth chart at the pediatrician’s office!  There was an intern doctor he was training this morning, and he noted to her that it was very rare to have a baby grow so normally – so I will take that as a good thing.  My little guy hated being poked and prodded, but at least he got the A-ok!  He weighs 24 lb 2 oz and is 32 7/8″ long.

As for me…  nothing doing, really.  My heart was fine during the sleep study, so that’s a good thing.  But according to the doctor, I slept for 7 hours of the 7.6 hours I was being studied (could have fooled me).  My oxygen levels went a little bit low, but nothing that needs any fixing, I guess.  He said that because of my “structure” (I have one huge tonsil), I will have to get this sleep study done every few years to make sure that things don’t get worse, but I disagree – that is not going to happen.  All in all, it was a waste of time I would say.  I’m a little frustrated because the sleep study was kind of an unpleasant experience, especially to have nothing to show for it.  And for the past week, my sleepiness has gotten even worse – I feel like I’ve been bordering on narcoleptic!  I’ve stopped sleeping with the tv on, something I’ve done and loved doing since I was about 6 years old.  I’ve been going to bed earlier, as much as I hate missing out on ‘me and Hubby’ time – I even got a nap in on Sunday!  But even after making all these efforts, I’ve still fallen asleep at the movies, at home while watching movies; and (I hate to admit it), but I was struggling at church and I also dozed during a class we’re taking.  And it’s not like I’m bored – I love to learn, and I really like church and look forward to it!  I was really disappointed that I missed some of last week’s message!  Why can’t I stay awake?!?  Back to square one, I guess…  whatever that is.  Time to stock up on coffee and energy drinks, I suppose, there seems to be no other hope for me.

3 thoughts on “Double Doctor Duty”

  1. I don’t know the doctor situation but definetly you should consult with at least one more source.

    Try ginsing over energy drinks and caffine……..caffine will make you irritable. Also and I know this sounds counter productive…….try cutting down on caffine, that helped me in a simular situation.

  2. Hmm, I wonder if they would release my sleep chart or whatever results they got from my sleep study to another hospital? Doubt it, and I don’t want to do another sleep study, yuck!!
    But it does seem like logical advice to get a 2nd (and perhaps 3rd) opinion. Now that I’m home, I have a few questions, but at the time, things were so hectic with my son crying that I couldn’t think of anything to ask! I don’t drink all that much caffeine, but probably enough to be physically addicted to it… I couldn’t get thru the day w/o 2 cups of coffee, no matter how much sleep I get, so maybe it’s time to quit cold turkey – watch out world!! 😉

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