A Future In The Superbowl?


Here is a commercial I had not seen until a friend sent it to me in an email forward.  As I was sitting here chuckling over it, my two oldest daughters became curious and came over for a look.  They loved what they saw, and I had to play it 3 more times!  I don’t think it’s in regular circulation yet, but if it is, I haven’t seen it.  Of course, I never watch tv anymore!  Perhaps it’s waiting to be unveiled until the next round of infamous Superbowl commercials?  Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “A Future In The Superbowl?”

  1. I agree with Derek – they animate it with computers. But they did a nice job; the animation is really smooth! Though something tells me that we’ll be laughing about these effects in 10 years!

  2. Probably laughing about the effects in less than 10 years. But cute! I see an E*Trade baby/Avian troupe battle February 7, 2010. Isn’t that a bit late?!

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