Should Have Gone And Fed The Ducks

Well… another year plus 3 days older.  This year has definitely been one of the most personally dramatic I have ever faced but with God’s protective presence through my wonderful family and once again the very best friends He has put out there for me, I feel that I am nearing as close to a full recovery as possible.

I always enjoy doing special things on my birthday.  This year, I was lucky enough to have a 4 day holiday (I will be paying for it since I now work until Tuesday without a break… I can handle that).  Saturday, my parents and my oldest brother celebrated with me at The Factory restaurant.  This is one of at least three family named (Don Hall) restaurants in the Fort: Triangle Park and the Gas House are two of the others… if memory serves there are a few others.  It had been years since we had eaten at the Factory and that being the case I decided on that.  Being only 5PM on a Saturday, there was not much of a crowd so we were seated right away.  The selection was NOT at all what it used to be.  In fact, I almost wished that I had decided to go to Triangle Park which has a small pond in which ducks and a few swans are known to gather looking for bread crumbs.  However, my surf and turf was wonderful.

Sunday (the actual big day), I was invited to spend the day with my second family.  This year, there was no other place I would rather be.  C&L saw me and continue to stand beside me as I improve more and more each week.  To say that they and their family are really special is an absolute understatement.  We met a few other friends at church service and then went to brunch.  On the way, I had two little ones trying to play with the windows in the car. Their mischievous plans were thwarted as they discovered that the driver’s door has a window lock. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!  Then back to the house and some play time with the littles.  Around 6, I had to make my exit as I had forgotten to bring my meds.

Monday, more fun.  I volunteered to take the three little ones to church while L took T to her camp.  Later, I had a meeting and was invited to help celebrate another guy’s birthday (he CAN’T be three already… I distinctly remember the day I was called informing me of his arrival).

Tuesday… a day to relax and think about nothing.  Started reading the original Gaston Leroux Phantom of the Opera. Not as dry as I thought it might be in fact it is pretty good so far.  Perhaps I will compare and contrast the longest running Broadway musical and the novel somewhere down the line.  I did get our team signed up to play Family Feud at our annual village fest on the 29th at 7.

All in all a Happy Birthday.  NOW I have to find a day to see the final chapter of Harry Potter opening this weekend.  Definitely on Tuesday since I close every night through Monday.  Anyone care to join me?


4 thoughts on “Should Have Gone And Fed The Ducks”

  1. Maybe adults weren’t meant to celebrate birthdays – too much room for disappointment. It’s so much easier to shut off life for the kids to celebrate their special days… I think I will punish anyone who attempts to mention or celebrate my birthday next year!
    We planned a parents’ day out with our oldest to see the new Harry Potter in 3D on IMAX when she gets home from camp – SOOOoooo excited about that!!!

    1. Each of my family members stop having the big party after they turn 18. But it is never a disappointment to share a bit of it with those you love even if it means celebrating my ninth annual 28th birthday 😉

  2. I read that some of this movie is *really* dark in 3D since the technology darkens everything, and this movie was already dark. I think I will save a couple $$ and see it in normal 2D, a couple weeks from now of course to allow the crowds to dwindle down. An extra week maybe since this is the series finale which will draw greater crowds. I’ll still be paying more than you though… 😮 The good news for theaters is the movie is only 130 minutes, possibly allowing one extra showing a day over previous ones.

    Oh, happy 5th day after your birthday, J!

  3. I want to know who the genius was who scheduled Winnie the Pooh to come out the same day 😉 Although most really young movie goers will not be going to the much darker Potter film, I almost shake my head in pity for the Hundred Acre Wood gang.

    Thanks for the bday wishes, D!

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