Rolling An Icosahedron With Amaze the Amazing Magician, Trong (?), Heathcliff, and Others


Last night was my first foray into the world of role-playing games.  It was really fun not knowing what you are doing at first but diving right in and going with it.  Our leader (who instructed us and narrated the adventure as well as assumed a role… although he was limited to what he actually did) has been doing this for years although life has limited the amount he has been able to participate in groups.  He even said that one game lasted from the time he was 18 until he was 25.  NOW THAT IS A LONG GAME (not all at once, but still…).

The role I decided to tackle was a thief in the medieval time of the Dungeons and Dragons setting.  I chose the name Zarf.  The quest led the players on the search for an old man’s daughter.  We eventually came to a large, battle-scarred castle and soon became separated.  After climbing down a seemingly endless flight of stairs, my three companions (the strong Ivanhoe, the cleric Lothario (I think he was a cleric), and Faramir – the damsel’s intended) and I came to a pit.  We discovered that the route we had taken was totally useless and we ended right back with the other players.

There were battles aplenty with goblins, hobgoblins, and wererats.  Magic (of which I had none).  Secret passages and lots of other exciting elements involved.  Now if I could just learn to throw something more than a 1 on an icosahedron (my new 25-cent word for the day)… although I do recall throwing at least a 10 on a few occasions.  But happily, we all survived the quest and rescued the fair maiden.  Even if Lothario denied my gift (and they say there is no honor among thieves) of rocks for his sling (which eventually broke.. HA!)  A great intro into what appears to be a fun world.  I’m curious to actually see a centagon…

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  1. Tronk Gween was my name… just some gibberish I thought of at the last minute. Not the best night for me to play a role-playing game. I was so tired and didn’t feel like acting and the kdis were acting up… it’d be so much more fun next time without all those factors.

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