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I used to enjoy a good afternoon of Monopoly, but as I grew older I discovered that it takes FOREVER to play and who can actually say that they have ever played a full, complete, by the book game?  In any case, here is a bit of useless trivia that might come up on a night of fun and games.  Which is the only property on the original Atlantic City edition of Monopoly to not be named after an Atlantic City location?  Marven Gardens is a housing development in Margate City, New Jersey and is not located in the Atlantic City limits. It is on the border of Margate and Ventnor City (there must be a Ventnor Avenue 😀 )… hence the name Marven Gardens.  Another bit of useless trivia: the Monopoly game has mispelled the name for the decades in which it has been produced.  Charles Darrow’s mispelling “M-a-r-v-i-n” was copied when Parker Bros. bought the game rights and a formal apology was made to the residents of Marven Gardens in 1995 (better late than never I guess).  I was recently introduced to a new Monopoly card game entitled MONOPOLY DEAL which does not take the never ending hours of the traditional ( board game (or one of the hundreds of variations).  If you can name any pop culture creation I am sure there is a version or soon to be… let’s make a list:

  • Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition
  • Star Wars Episode I Edition

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  1. I’m not sure if it is pop culture, but I have played Monopoly on the ceiling. A large board was created on the ceiling of a dorm room and we used helium balloons as the pieces. Blowing on the balloons to move them around the board was not considered cheating (it was in the rules— that we made up).

    I also remember reading about people playing at the bottom of a pool.

    There are, of course, various College town editions of Monopoly and the Simpson’s version.

    How about a SpongeBob edition or the Junior Edition. I even think there was a Transformers edition.

    Now I’m going to have to look it up. It has been years since I actually finished a game, but I remember doing it often. It was something that could last all day.

  2. The town where I grew up had a version and it was not a college town. I think there was a company who made them on request. Then there is Monopoly based upon different hobbies, like Dog-opoly, and sports, surfing and snow boarding monopoly, there’s a monopoly for each sports team, it seems. And for large famous cities, like Las Vegas. There is even a National Parks monopoly. There’s United States Army Monopoly, Peanuts Monopoly, and even a John Deere version. I think there is one for everyone if you look. Yes, I looked these up, I am no Monopoly expert, yuck. I do remember the 24 karat gold edition though…

  3. Have we forgotten that jamiahsh plays CUT THROAT Monopoly Deal? He is a ruthless killer! Revenge will be sweet…….. 😉

    See you all Friday?

  4. There are so many versions of this game it isn’t funny. Besides the special editions, there have been video game versions (Wikipedia lists versions Windows-based PC, Macintosh, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Satellaview, Sega Genesis, and Commodore 64- there are probably more). There have also been umpteen homebrew Monopoly games- I remember we had one about our town. I forget the title, though it probably ended with -opoly.

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