A FUN Quiz For A Change

I received an email today and thought it was one in an endless stream of useless waste of time pieces of junk. Even reading it I was hesitant, but after following the link and following the instructions, I found it to be very accurate although I do have to question one of the qualities it listed:

  • “Fruity and adventurous” the adventurous DEFINITELY; however, fruity? I don’t think so.

Which brings me to the big topic of the day. Who cares who sleeps with whom? I think there are much more important issues in the world than the fact that Clay Aiken came out of the closet. I was TRYING to watch the new Knight Rider (which is one of the best NEW offerings this season… which usually means it will be gone within a month) last night and I swear I heard the news at least 5 times in one hour. Live and let live.

Ok… back to the topic at hand. Follow the link, follow the directions and see if you find yourself:


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