Missed Halloween


Halloween missed me this year, or should I say I missed it. All of this actually started Thursday when I was not feeling well. I slept through most of the day with a sore throat and headache. Friday was worse, I woke up early in the morning (3:00 am) with a massive earache. I tried getting in to see the Dr, but I missed the 8:00am call time by 5 minutes. I was told they could call me if there was a cancellation, or I could come in and wait for one. Hmmm. If the pain had been worse, I may have gone in to wait, but I think that would have been in an emergency room, not the Drs. office. I took the alternative to have them call me. That may have been the wrong move. No Dr. visit on Friday.

I spent the day with my ear under moist heat. That and some Tylenol made the earache bearable by 6:00pm. All I needed was some sleep and I should be fine, right?…. Wrong. I woke up Saturday with a cough that just would not quit. I didn’t even try searching for these symptoms on the web. Throat feels fine, but I had a severe tickle. I could not stop coughing. I’ve never had this sort of illness. One or the other sure, but different things in succession, nope.

Today I was feeling better, no sore throat, no headache, no earache, no cough. Until play practice. The extra talking I did made my throat tickle again.. I stopped talking at 5:00pm and the tickle has subsided. Maybe if I can get away without talking much tomorrow, my throat will be better by Tuesday’s rehearsal.

Anyway, I had my costume all set and was prepared to go to a Halloween gathering. I even had the makings for a wonderful Halloween treat.

Here it is…

Bloody Fingers and Toes

1 package Lil’Smokies
1 package brats
Favorite BBQ sauce.

Cut all sausages into toe and finger tip size pieces. Fry brats in skillet until cooked through, brown Lil’Smokies. Place in crockpot and stir in your favorite BBQ sauce. Heat through. Serve.

Hot dogs or other sausage types could be used in addition to other types. 1.5 to 2 1lbs meat should be used. Various types of sausages will give you different finger and toe sizes.

7 thoughts on “Missed Halloween”

  1. That sounds great! And yes, we could always use some extra fingers and toes to munch on, well, that doesn’t sound quite right, but…
    Glad you are feeling better.

  2. relatively speaking

    Sorry to hear you were sick! A cup of ginger, cinnamon, & cardamon tea is supposedly good for you. I don’t know about that but it tastes good.

    a small piece (1/2 inch or so) of fresh ginger (grated)
    1/2 tsp of cinnamon & a pinch of cardamon

    Add spices to a cup of boiling water/let sit a few minutes/add a bit of honey if you like.

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