What I Did To Ring In 2012


Quite an eventful day, really!  I checked out Facebook around 9 to see that my oldest brother had been in the B-town Hilton (more commonly known as the Hospital) for the past 4 hours and Mom had caught whatever has been making its way around for the past week (glad I am only battling a stuffy nose).  Dad was in true for as of late by dragging a bunch of his treasures out from their trove and piling them out around the house.  I see that he has finally started to put his carport together.  We’ll see if he can get it together before the snow hits.

While at work, I got a call asking if I could sit with Jeff’s kids while their mother worked 3rd shift.  I thought that I could beat Joshua at Harry Potter Scene It but he was too busy in the recesses of his fortress of solitude so I spent the evening watching DIck Clark’s 40th ball drop.  The entire evening event featured a countdown of the 40 top musical performances over the years (I guess they did not say 40 “Best”).  Seeing J-Lo prancing around in a skimpy 1 piece was not my idea of Best MUSICAL performance but, I did not get a vote.  Noah, bless his heart, tried so hard to stay awake for the ball drop but with about 15 minutes to the event he was off to lala land. Fifteen minutes later when that new unfit for anyone’s eyes and ears group rook the stage, it was time for the little ones to bid good night.

I thought I was done for the night and could relax.  I was mistaken.  About 2AM,  I heard the heavenly choirs announce that “Noah threw up in Daddy’s bed!” Up the stairs, strip the bed and Noah and toss one in the washer and the other in the shower.  I believe that I put each where they needed to go because at 7, I heard another deluge.  And at 8, Rachel returned to take command.

What a way to end the year!  HAHAHAHA!  The night could be turned into a modern day Marx Brothers feature which I was hoping to find on the box last night, but…Hope you all had a safe, fun, and eventful start of the new year!

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