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The family received news today that our extended family has grown by one.  Around 3PM, we got a phone call from Alaska informing us that my cousin Charnel had delivered a 6lb. 3oz. baby girl, Chloe Mae who is being welcomed I am sure by her big 2 year old sister, Kyli Nicole.  20 inches long and has a thick head of black hair (can she mail some to me…or just send it back with grandma and grandpa when they fly up on Saturday).  One very cool thing, the proud papa who is on deployment in Afghanistan was on the phone listening as their second daughter made her entrance into the world.  When Charnel called and talked to Mom, she told her to call everyone.  Well… everyone but two people she called had already heard via text messaging or were called by someone else whom it seems tells everyone in the world after she hears any juicy gossip.  But all is well – healthy baby girl with ten fingers, ten toes, and healthy mama.  Won’t be able to see and spoil her until March when Rich returns from Afghanistan and they come South for a visit.  I’m surprised there haven’t been any pictures sent over cyberspace.  What are you waiting for?!

Welcome Chloe (I like that name)


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  1. CONGRATS! I can’t imagine having a baby without the father present; what a strong person she must be. Glad to hear that mom and baby are healthy and well!

  2. UGH… just realized I’m leaving a trail all over tangents.org of Chris – a side effect of two bloggers using the same computer, I guess!

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