Super Saturday


What a Super day!  It began after game night with just a few of us late comers Friday night… more intimate but great fun as always.  But today was a GREAT day.  Went to see Harry Potter with my brother, nephew, niece, and new little friend.  I must say I have a new favorite in the cinematic adventures and it was only the first half.  It is definitely the most emotionally impactful entry as well as the most thrilling yet.  Absolutely NOTHING was taken away from the absence of 3D (I even think that like Dan, himself it would have hindered it).  The film crew made a marvelous decision on where to divide the two chapters… definitely the moment of highest dramatic tension.

After returning and hearing the the Buckeyes won their game against Iowa, I went to mass and then over for another gathering where some of us got to meet Alex Trebek, himself.  I do enjoy Jeopardy!  just not sure I enjoy it THAT much.  Courtesy of Miss Mare, we celebrated the betrothal of Prince William and his Kate.  We offered up any number of “proper English toasts” to not only the happy couple but also to the Queen, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, and several other British celebrities.  Quite an entertaining evening if only one of us was not under the weather but the jukebox full of Beatles, the Who, Culture Club, Monty Python, and other Invaders made for quite the event.  All while SOME of us insisted upon playing text tag (unfortunately, I could not as for some reason my signal keeps being lost in the gathering place).

Thanks everyone for a fun weekend!

7 thoughts on “Super Saturday”

  1. I will actually probably wait until the second part comes out before I watch the movie. “To be continued” is not a favorite phrase of mine. Theaters are sure to screen part one again the week or so before.

    Got to meet Alex Trebek? Really?

  2. They may screen part one again when part 2 comes out. It would be a great way have an introduction, but the movie was a good enough to wait for the second.

  3. D… I’m sure some theatres might show all 8 movies at the same time, but sitting in a theatre that long would be crazy.

    Alex Trebek… that was an interesting experience, unfortunately while I was present, I did not take the opportunity.

  4. I didn’t mean watch them back to back, just watch part one a little closer to part two. I might just cave in and see it in a few weeks though, after my show is over.

    That said, we have the extended cuts of the LOTR trilogy- always thought about watching those monsters back-to-back.

  5. I have the three extended LotR as well. Haven’t done a marathon in one day, either… one a day over three days, I have.

  6. Glad to hear you had a fun weekend. I’m not understanding all the Alex Trebeck references? Was he around somewhere or are you talking about a game, etc? I’m just confused…

  7. OK, OK.. so Alex Trebek was no where near our gathering. It was one of many concoctions (by far one of the few I feel comfortable posting) that our hostess came up with to toast the happy couple. By the time we got to Alex, I had had enough.

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