Sour Grapes


Yesterday was quite an interesting day.  I worked from 2pm-9pm (my Friday to close up shop.  Around 8, my oldest brother and a surprise visitor (Mr. John Truitt) came in.  They informed me that my 3 year-old niece had been choking on a grape. 9-1-1 was called and I was assured that all was well.  I had no second thoughts about going to a loooong overdue game night.  Unfortunately, it seemed that I knew how to clear a room as everyone except some of my best friends departed 😀  Later, Megan and Carol arrived.  Megan and I were the last two remaining.  Does this seem to happen a lot?

This morning, I learned that Sydney’s grape mishap was more serious than Jeff led me to believe.  Mom was totally shaken even then.  Apparently, the little dear was sitting on grandma’s lap.  All of a sudden she started choking and gasping for air and eventually had her air supply totally cut off.  Grasping at her throat.  Somehow, Mom was able to calm down enough to get the grape out before the ambulance arrived.  My cousin’s husband was on call and it seems that he had to look after Mom more than little Sydney.

After hearing the entire story this morning, I began to consider whether  I should have not gone to game night.  But I was assured that everything was fine and there was nothing else to be done.  Praise God, Sydney was back to her normal 3 year-old self earlier this morning… even if grandma and the rest of us were a bit shaken.

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  1. That sounds horrible. I’m glad you came though. Last night was a bad night for kids, I guess, with having to call an ambulance for Sydney and Taylor’s ER visit!
    So glad the little one is ok. I always cut up grapes for the baby, but I was sure you could stop doing that by age 3 – going to be thinking twice about that one. I can’t imagine how scary that was for poor Grandma – hope she is feeling better too!

  2. Thanks d and l. Actually, Syd is back to her normal self. She even remembers seeing Jason who arrived in the ambulance and the policeman who arrived as per regulations when emergency calls involve minors.

  3. Ugh…what a stressful situation! I’m glad to hear all is well!

    John Truitt came to visit? Hm, have you and your brother become “Big Brother” to the poor lad? He definitely needs some guidance. Hopefully he can find a good role model so that he can become the father he needs to be….which, by the way, is he a daddy yet?

  4. Yes… he is a good guy. I haven’t heard of the arrival. I’m sure he will let me know. But if I can be a positive to him… great. But I know that he was definitely bitten by the bug.

  5. I’m glad you have it in you to be around for him. Good luck to you! I’m afraid I lack the patience to try to fix what years of neglect has done to him. I truly think he has the desire to do the right things, and maybe a positive influence will keep him on the straight path.

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