Running Around + The Sound Delayed But A Miracle Is Due


Well… it has been an interesting few weeks going back and forth to the hospital and finally getting Dad settled at the home here in town.  Amazingly, he seemed to be acceptable to the idea so that with work on his part and lots of love and prayers from everyone else, he hopefully will be able to come home one day.  We will take it as it comes and put everything into His hands.  Really worried about both of them but I’m sure that everything will work out for the best.

Dad started his daily routine of 2 hours of Physical Therapy on Monday morning.  This was a day earlier than expected with Monday being Labor Day; however, when Mom and I went out they were getting him ready to go.  He does seem to be getting stronger physically.  By Wednesday, he was sitting in a wheelchair and walking better (still with assistance from the nurses to get to the restroom).  I am sure that this will be a long recovery for him but he wants to come home so he needs to put the work in!  It wears him out but that is good for him.

Upcomin events… The Sound of Music has been pushed back to the 2013 season.  In its place…. Miracle on 34th Street  another show I would love to be part of.  I missed out on being in a production of it a few years ago when I played “a warped, frustrated old man.”  But, the show has a cast of tens or twenties so my chances of getting any role should be pretty good (even if it is a drunk Santa).  Auditions are in a few short weeks so… let the fun recommence!

Just need to focus some good thoughts and prayers to my family, as well!  And as always… thanks to my amazing friends and extended family out there for the prayers, fb chats, and impromptu fun times!

2 thoughts on “Running Around + The Sound Delayed But A Miracle Is Due”

  1. Progress is good! My mother has been in her boot (essentially a removable cast) for a few weeks now and says the pain is less and the swelling down, so praise God for healing progress with our respective parents.

    As for the show, break a leg. I do miss acting, but now I have signed up for AWANA which makes both Mondays (small group) and Wednesdays off-limits for rehearsals so there is no point in auditioning for anything. I just wish my church would bring back drama in some form, but I’m not holding my breath on it. Seems that as much as I enjoy acting it is not to be a part of my life for the foreseeable future.

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