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Well… this being the first weekend following the wrap of a show, I found myself slightly down.  I had to work Friday night (only to come home and watch the Bombers get sent home by the Rangers… but it IS their first time EVER in the World Series… but really how long is that).  Saturday, I had the entire day to myself… so I watched the Buckeyes dominate the Purdue Boilermakers and some season one Bionic Woman (the original and best).  It’s about time both bionic series got out of legal brouhaha and finally are being released on DVD (Six Mill is set to be released next month).  Finally, I went to church Saturday night.

Sunday, saw work, room cleaning (funny how messy a room can get after three months), and fun with friends.  Mare sent me a text early in the afternoon asking if I wanted to go with other friends to see Paranormal Activity 2.  I did not hear very glowing reviews of the original so I went expecting little but with great friends, it was worth it.  I do not remember ever laughing so much at a “horror” film but some of the things involved were just so hokey that at times, I wanted to crack up especially the loud comments made by other moviegoers.  I will say that one of the biggest complaints that I have heard about the previous film was the slow pace and the fact that anything scary did not happen until the last 20 minutes of the film.  I will say there was a great amount of creepiness.  Not the best suspenseful movie ever but if you go in with limited expectations surrounded by friends going out for a good time…

Some of the coming attractions:

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I (I’m sure a certain nephew of mine will be hitting me up for that one)  REALLY looking forward to this one.  Interested to see where they divide the film.
  • Yogi Bear… I think the main draw is Justin Timberlake as Boo Boo.  But Dan Aykroyd is playing the “smarter than average bear.”
  • The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (The third movie in the Chronicles of Narnia series).  I wasn’t even aware that this was coming.  An eventual viewing will be in order.
  • No preview of Tron:Legacy I’m sorry to say.

So… all in all an enjoyable weekend!

7 thoughts on “Paranormal Weekend”

  1. Saw Paranormal today – it was alright. Compared to the first one, it was amazing. I wish #2 had been the first one. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.
    I don’t think I will be able to stomach Yogi Bear, even with the kids. I’ve never been able to stand his voice or his attitude, and it seems from the previews that Dan Akroyd does a good job doing the voice – bad thing for me, good for him.
    Hmm, we didn’t get any Potter previews, and I’m thankful for that. I haven’t decided how I’m going to stay away from the previews for that one. We did get a Scream 4 preview and a True Grit preview which actually made it look pretty good – the update of True Grit is a Coen bros. movie. If there was a 3rd preview I don’t remember for which movie it was.
    And hey, I wasn’t going to comment but since you did – I’m really happy for Texas and might actually WATCH the World Series this year – the teams I actually wanted to get in got in. Texas has gone 38 years w/o a trip to the World Series, that is a long time – unheard of for Yankee fans, probably!! 😉
    I’d like to see Texas go all the way.

  2. And interestingly, I’m watching the Seinfeld ep where they go to the Yankees game and Elaine gets kicked out for wearing an Orioles cap in the owners’ box – hehe!

  3. Well… if the Yankees had to get beaten, I would like to see the team that beat them go all the way! Yeah.. throw da bum out!

    Our theatre showed preview after preview. One for a Speed-ish film only involving a runaway train which is supposed to be based on a true story. Name fails me but Denzel and Chris (Captain James T. Kirk) Pine are in it. Actually looked interesting. UNSTOPABLE… that’s it!

    And, yes there was one for True Grit. Does look pretty good.

    The HP trailer was showing in the lobby.

    Yeah, had a great time and the movie was ok.

  4. And I believe 38 years without a Series appearance is unheard of for the Yanks. From 82-95 (is the longest drought I can recall. Sorry.

  5. Interesting use of the word “drought”.
    Yes, Unstoppable – looks pretty good, especially because Denzel usually knows how to pick ’em. And I think that new Independence Day type movie “Skyline” looks good also, but I haven’t seen a preview for it in awhile.

  6. I don’t watch baseball, haven’t seen a movie in the theater in months. Harry Potter and Tron will likely be the only two I see anytime soon. Yogi and Dawn Treader will have to wait for DVD release, but I will likely see both.

    The Angry Video Game Nerd is also a horror buff, so there is plenty to read about on that front on his website if you’re interested.

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