Not Very Funny….


Said Short Round to Willie Scott after he nearly fell through the hole of a rickety bridge crossing a wide chasm where hungry crocodiles awaited a tasty morsel. (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)

As my Liswathistani friend so eloquently pointed out, several people at the wedding reception on Saturday did come down with a case of the dreaded scoots. We have come to the conclusion that it stemmed from some bad creamed chicken sandwiches which are usually very good. Apparently, the canned chicken (which was purchased a week ago) was bad.

All day long, we laughed and joked about the situation. It was definitely a reception no one will forget. Tonight around 10 o’ clock, it became not so funny. Apparently, two of the groom’s relatives are in the hospital with food poisoning. One of them is hooked to an IV.

The bride called the store this afternoon to explain the situation and ask about the return policy. I imagine tomorrow she will be inquiring about the liability policy. They will be getting a copy of the bills. Thank heaven all I have done is take some anti-diarrhea medication which seems to be doing the trick. Ironic how something that seems funny one moment can be so serious soon after.

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  1. !!!
    Don’t know what else to say…
    No offense, but I’m glad that didn’t happen to me… Will have to watch what I serve at the second wedding I guess…

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