It Was A Dark And Stormy Night


Ok… backtrack post… Saturday night after church, I tagged along with my parents to watch the little ones in their new house.  While it was fun to have the family stay at the house after their return from “The Last Frontier”, it was a relief for all concerned when they moved into their new abode a short walk away.  Nice house that has been well taken care of.  Before I had decided to make my way home, it began to storm.  AND STORM IT DID!  Before the storm began, the two girls were asleep.  However, the biggest baby was still up and you never saw such a sight! Big 120lb. Bandit decided to take refuge across Mom, Dad, and I on the sofa.  He was shaking like a leaf and whimpering like a infant!  Big old softie.  Although, I have heard tell that he will let a stranger know that he does not like them specially when they are around “his girls.”  Just not during a thunderstorm!  I can only imagine being actually attacked by the Burmese Mountain Dog when a greeting from him seems like you are being attacked.  😀 The only thing missing was the camera.

Finally, after the storm turned into a sprinkle, I braved the hazardous walk home.

2 thoughts on “It Was A Dark And Stormy Night”

  1. Hmm… we didn’t get too much storm here. Enough to scare the kids and get them interrupting our movie, but what else is new?
    My dog growing up was a big Doberman who was the sweetest thing imaginable. 45 minutes before a storm would come, she would squeeze herself under my bed, shake like a leaf and stay there for hours until it cleared. But like Bandit, if a stranger came to the door and got near her family, up came the hair down the spine (her mohawk) along with the growling and barking. I remember at least one serviceman who came to the door and refused to come inside until she was locked away! Big baby dogs are adorable!!

  2. I concur… Big baby dogs are great! Isn’t if funny how it seems they know long before they hit that a storm is approaching?

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