If I Could Talk To The Animals


I just returned from a marvelous trip with my wonderful friends to the NJ/NYC area.  We also made a couple trips on the way and on the way back.  Who would have thought I would be able to take two trips in less than a year’s time?  My role of “Manny” was once again very fun (even if there were a few slight moments in which I threatened to go into the back of the minivan, sit on any malefactors, and tickle them).

Day one for me started about 6:30 AM.  I had to be at C&Ls in time to leave by 8 and wanted to stop at Wal-Mart on my way. I stood on the front porch and knocked for about 5 minutes and decided to ring the doorbell butr apparently did not push it right since no one heard it.  I did not want to get the dogs going, anyway. So… shortly after 8, we were on our way.  First major stop… The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  Not much there to comment upon.  Not one of the best I have seen; however, the next stop was one of the best.

We stopped at the Akron Zoo.   Much better than Cleveland’s offering.  The exhibits were great.  Outside the restaurant where we had lunch, there was a very friendly tamarin who was very active and liked to show off.  There was also a very loud Sumatran Tiger.  Not sure, but I think it was feeding time.  Right next to the tiger was the animal that was the basis for the creation of Winnie the Pooh: the Malayan Sun Bear.  We went into the animal hospital where a very informative and interesting volunteer informed us that a baboon was going to be brought in for a check up and we would be able to watch the procedure IF they could get the animal in the examining room.  Unfortunately, he did not get there before our group decided that it was time to continue and see as much of the zoo as possible.  Interestingly, there was a group of high school students who reminded my of my senior physics class trip to Cedar Point for Physics Day.  Very fun zoo.  Added to the enjoyment was taylhis’ commentary which was very fun.  I’m sure she will have even more to say and pictures to share.

Then it was back in the bus (OH… wait… that is ANOTHER post or two later on) for the LOOOOOONG trek across Pennsylvania.

OOOPS!   Apparently, my memory failed me.  The problematic baboon was at Cleveland and not Akron.  Thanks, Taylhis.

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