I Could Not Hear Much Of What She Heard


Quite a switch actually sitting and watching others perform on the gem that is the Huber Opera House.  Joshua had his Jr/Sr High music program tonight.  Sitting in the audience, I still am in awe what a treasure we have in our neck of the woods and not too long ago it was an eyesore.  Both the band and choir directors made mention of the gorgeous venue and the delight it is to perform on it (I could not agree more!).

I must commend the decision for both the Jr. and Sr. High bands to perform together!  That takes some bravery.  I asked Joshua how often they all practice together.  They only had two rehearsals together and for that they did not sound awful.  I did enjoy “Sleigh Ride” with the whip crack and the horse whinney!  “Coventry Carol” was good, too.

From what I could hear of the choir sounded pretty good, too.  Unfortunately, only half of the soloist’s portion of “Do You Hear What I Hear” could actually be heard.  Then, suddenly, the microphone was turned on.  The final two pieces, the choir’s favorites, were the best.  “Sleigh Ride” again and a jazzy acapella version of “Holly Jolly Christmas.”

Following the combined High School band/chorus finale, I stood up and slipped all around the floor because a certain 6 year old accidentally spilled her popcorn.

Check out the classy shot:

11453_720013894430_20920962_40846470_4497032_nTux which the music department provides.  Not sure how I would feel about that but now I think it looks sharp.  It sure beats having no dress code and having the few who show up in raggedy jeans and t-shirt (of course, SOMEtimes that is no fault of the children).

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  1. I remember having many a percussion part in various Christmas tunes – a bell solo in the Nutcracker theme, and the “horse” klip-klopping in something, maybe Jingle Bells – I can’t remember. Don’t think the whip crack was my part, although all of those percussion instruments were fun to play with!
    I would have liked to see the encore of this concert where you slipped on popcorn 😉

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