Here’s To An Even Greater 2013!


I have to say that 2012 went out a lot better than it went in.  I will not dwell on the hardships we faced last year but I still contend that it made us all (in a sense) stronger and brought us closer together.

There were some happier times.  I did get back on stage after 2 years and now I am back to the “no stopping me now” attitude since the next audition is this weekend!  I am going to be honest here and say that I AM trying out for Captain Von Trapp.  Max might be the comedic foil in The Sound of Music but not much of a challenge, personally.  I feel that Georg would be much more of a stretch dramatically and it would be my first time playing the male lead (such as it is) in a musical.  He does change throughout the course of the show so that would be very interesting to play.  However, I will pray that whichever (if any) role I am asked to present that the next 2 months (or less) is successful for our little community theater group.

New Year’s Eve was a HUGE day!  The bank closed at 3PM and unlike Christmas Eve I was home in less than a half-hour after the doors were locked.  Some of the family headed to mass and met others for dinner later.  Then, my sister, nieces, and I headed over to “brother number 3’s” home to ring in the new surrounded by great friends and OOODLES!!!!! (hopefully, this becomes a tradition as EVERYONE just LOOOOOOOOVES that game.  MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!)


3 thoughts on “Here’s To An Even Greater 2013!”

  1. Happy new year. To me, last night was just another night. No festivities, no bubbly.

    Break a leg. Myself, I have kind of given up on community theatre, at least as long as I am in this area. One day I will be able to leave this pitiful state, but until then I don’t know what I will do for a drama fix. Oh, well.

    Was going to have frozen pizza for lunch today, but we opened the freezer and it was gone. Did my nephew come in and swipe it and not tell us?

  2. By the way, a nice change in theme but it does not like Firefox + 1920X1200 resolution. I had to magnify it a couple of times to make it comfortably readable.

  3. Glad you had an (overall) good year. 2013 will be what we make of the triumphs, opportunities, and challenges God allows to cross our paths. And since acting is a hobby you enjoy, to get drama fix, maybe there is a church nearby (or opportunities at your own church) who does an Easter drama. or contining stage productions for kids… there will be opportunities especially if you are doing the stage work for God! 🙂

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