Ghosts In The Manor


Following the African safari, we drove the short distance to Sandusky, Ohio (home of THE Amazement Park Cedar Point, but we will save that for another time, hopefully soon). In order to get some spirited inspiration for our “Guided Haunted Tour” (it IS NOT a haunted house) and to have a good old-fashioned scare, we went to the Ghostly Manor Thrill Center. It is much more than a mere haunted house (more on that in a bit). For the less inhibited, there are a few video games (Deal or No Deal, that I have commented on before), roller skate and scooter rentals, and a 3D ride-through theatre that I was told was enjoyable.

HOWEVER, the MAIN attraction was indeed the manor itself. Only five (including taylhis) of us dared to enter the macabre, evil, frightening house of terror. Three of us even were brave enough to make two return trips. On the first trip through the unknown, I was brave enough to face the evil that lurked inside first. Everyone else stood behind me hoping that I would lead them all safely through the fright-fest. Along the way, I heard the others scream my name. Was this fear of the things they saw and that I was the only one who could possibly protect them from the ghastly creatures that jumped out and the other eerie things within the bowels of the manor? I will say yes. I AM FEARLESS LEADER…. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Finally, we escaped the fifteen minutes of sheer terror.

On the subsequent trips, my two brave compatriots (justj and C) and I decided to attempt to come up with some ideas for our own extravaganza. However, the actors inside decided to have some fun with their repeat guests. There were only 3-4 performers inside. Somehow, they knew my name as at least one of them appeared and stated it in a ghostly voice throughout… and commented on the absence of some hair on the top of my head. “I think you left something back there… ARRRR!!!” The remainder was GOOD animatronic devices, eerie noises, spooky things hanging and dripping from above along the way, confining corridors, and appearances by at least one horror character and one monster that resembled the Rancor from RETURN OF THE JEDI. The most terrifying part for me was the moments in which you knew something was going to happen to scare the WOOLY SHEEP out of you and the suspense was gnawing at you. I LOOOVE A GOOD SCARE!!!! No wonder Ghostly Manor is ranked amongst the top Haunted Attractions in the nation. So, if you are planning a trip to Cedar Point, be sure to keep some time open to visit Ghostly Manor…. It’ll scare the yell out of you. Be advised, I would not take the very young nor the easily frightened. But, if you do, there are things to keep them occupied as well.

It’s a pity I did not know about our trip sooner, I could have asked my cousin and his wife (who lives in the Sandusky area) if he would like to arrange a visit with us.

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