Easter Gala


What a way to celebrate the blessings of the suffering and resurrection of our Savior!  The three day cycle is truly the most powerful, and beautiful time of the liturgical year.  This year seemed even more somber as my hometown community lost a true friend during the week.  I was truly shocked when I read the post from Wayne’s nephew on Wednesday.  Once again, the funeral parlor that is a block away from our house was full to bursting on Good Friday.

Friday evening, I made the trip to Wally World with some family and finished birthday shopping for the notoriously difficult to shop for 16 year old (tomorrow) Godson.  With some help from my happened upon ol’ chum, I was able to come up with something hopefully suitable.  Although, I think Elizabeth might get more use out of the 3D attachment for the iPhone 😉  I’m sure that the techno-saavy Joshua will find some pleasure from it.

Saturday night at our sister parish, Mare joined in the Catholic faith. Although I would have been honored to accept her invitation to join in the celebration, I had to work a 12-9 shift.  CONGRATULATIONS Mary!

Which brings me to the merriment of Easter Day.  Although each week’s mass is special, there is something awesome and amazing about emerging from the 40 day journey of Lent.  Hopefully on Easter Day, we can all look at ourselves and project a different “reflection” than when we started.  One in which we are closer to our creator and yet knowing that at times we will inevitably fall short.  After all, we are only human.  Father Art with his unique brand of humor drove the reflection point home by use of a full-length mirror.  He constantly pronounced his dislike of said mirrors in every facet of life from fun houses to just looking into ordinary ones.  Is it just me or is he part vampire? Or perhaps more likely, it was because the mirror he had was taller than himself.

This afternoon, the family gathered at the local restaurant for Easter buffet.  One of the major Earth-shatterning topics was the brilliance of the latest installment in the American Pie movie series.  I guess the cast has matured and gathered to celebrate a class reunion.  Aptly entitle American Reunion, it sounds like a wait 3 months to rent flick to me.

Finally this evening, the family plus some of our extended members gathered at Jeff’s for Shelby and Joshua’s birthday celebration.  And more creamed chicken sandwiches 😀 Honestly, I don’t think I will ever let anyone forget the merriment of the wedding reception a few years ago.  Before the evening was complete, the topic and television turned to golf.  Like auto racing, this sport brings tears to my eyes.  I take more pleasure in picking out the most original sounding name and rooting him on to victory.  And did I pick a dandy!  Unfortunately, poor Louis Oosthuizen lost to Bubba Watson in a playoff round.  Seriously, Oosthuizen sounds like a close personal friend of  the Swedish Chef.  However,  I was assured that the golfer is African.

Speaking of the Swedish Chef, I presented the new Muppet movie to my 17 year old niece.  Shelby visited last week during Spring Break and asked if we could watch my copy and I decided that I would buy her own DVD copy of the fabulous Oscar-winning movie.  “Man or Muppet” was a nice redemption for the horrendous loss of the nominated “Rainbow Connection” back in 1980 (I think that is the correct year).

I hope that you all were able to enjoy the love, beauty, and majesty of the Easter mystery!

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  1. WOW – Shelby is 17? Where does the time go? Glad you had a great Easter celebration! Our Easter weekend was really wonderful; we found a perfect mix of fun stuff for the kiddies and reflection on Christ’s sacrifice. Tiring, but well worth it 🙂

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