Another Thespian In The Family?


On Tuesday nights, my niece Elizabeth and nephew Noah come to the house while their older brother is taken to Boy Scouts.  Last night after returning from rehearsal, I asked Elizabeth when her school play is going to be.  I never got the dates but I remember last year’s was sometime in November.  I was able to drag out that she has the title role in Mulan, Junior.  I was excited for her and even had to ask again to make sure I heard correctly.  How awesome is that?!  I asked if Joshua got a part… forgetting that he is too old to be in the 4th and 5th grade show.

I must admit… and I don’t know why… but I have never seen the movie.  It must have been because I lost track of Disney movies in the years following The Lion King up until Pixar joined the studio with Toy Story.  I do remember that Lea Salonga was the title voice with Donny Osmond and Eddie Murphy also voicing roles.

Another aspect of Elizabeth that amazes me is her voracious reading.  For her birthday, I gave her two books: a mid-level edition of Marley and Me and a Peter Pan prequel (it had Disney’s stamp of approval for whatever that’s worth).  I thought the first book looked a bit simple for her (she has read all 7 Harry Potter books) but, eh.  I was right because I asked how far she had gotten in them and she finished the first and started Peter Pan earlier that day and was already beyond the first 100 of 500 pages.

Apparently, school children are rewarded for outside reading far more than I was.  When I was in elementary school, we received a coupon for a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut after reading so many books.  Today, children can read a book go onto a website, take a quiz, and earn points which they can build up to obtain all kinds of fabulous gifts.  I had no idea there was such a thing until my cousin asked if I made sure the books were on the AR list?  I think it is a neat idea but for one thing:  The points do not carry over from year to year. I really don’t have a problem with rewarding those who enjoy reading and I don’t believe that the incentive is connected with the classroom.

Not trying to take anything away from the fabulous news of Elizabeth’s first lead role, so CONGRATS! Break a leg!  OH… my brother came in the store tonight and he had no idea of the news when I asked him about the show dates.  And I was informed as I walked into the house last night?  Priorities.

2 thoughts on “Another Thespian In The Family?”

  1. CONGRATS to Elizabeth! That is so awesome! And after seeing her play softball, it’s safe to say she is multi-talented! We had the Pizza Hut Book-It program when I was young, and my kids have it now, but I haven’t heard of the AR program. Had to help Taylor with a really difficult worksheet comparing and contrasting the movie and book, Because of Winn-Dixie. Quite difficult for a 4th grader and for two parents who were not familiar with the story!

  2. The AR program involves picking a book within one’s tested reading range (say, 3.6 – 5.1 for a 4th-grader at a typical level- the first digit is the grade level, the second is the month in school for that grade), reading the book, then taking a quiz on the computer with 5-10 questions to make sure the book was comprehended. Only one attempt is allowed- the software keeps track- so the students need to be sure they are really ready before taking the quiz.

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