A Great Dane


Weekday mornings (except for Mondays) I go to my “sister”‘s house at 7:45 to watch the youngest kids she sits with while she takes the older ones to school.  One of the younger ones is an extremely cool little dude named Dane who goes to pre-school later in the morning.  The kid is just a ball of fire!  Every time he is there he asks Charnel… “Where is Jamiah?!” There was a spider in the laundry room the other day and he asked if she was going to call and have me come and take care of it.  Over Christmas break, Dane and his mother came into the grocery while I was working and upon entering he exclaimed, “THERE’S THAT GUY!”

Wednesday morning after coming back from pre-school, he was absolutely not himself.  The poor guy had a tummy ache and a temp of 102º 🙁 Charnel called his father and he was on his way.  Until he arrived, Dane sat on my lap, cuddled with me, and we watched The Flintstones which drew a few chuckles but he really did feel warm.  Shortly after, Dane’s Dad arrived and took my newest little pal home.  This morning they were both sick!  Get well soon, little buddy 😀

3 thoughts on “A Great Dane”

  1. And how are *you* doing after your close experience with your feverish lap dog (sorry, I couldn’t resist with his name! 😛 )? Hope they feel better soon, and I hope I don’t have to wish you the same. 😉

  2. Hope he gets well soon! It’s always so sad when the most rambunctious of kids doesn’t feel well and just sits instead of the usual going crazy!

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