Another Director For The Heavenly Choir


This past week saw another great musician and conductor leave the confines of his earthly existence (morbid way to start, I know).  Ray has been ver instrumental in the formation of a community choir in my hometown for the past several years.  Each summer at our hometown festival, he gathers a good size group and leads them in a selection of patriotic songs.  I also recall singing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus in an alumni choir directed by this fine man at high school Christmas concerts a time or two.  Each of Ray and Joan’s children developed and nurtured a passion for music.  Kevin, their oldest, is the music director of a school in Texas. Growing up,  I remember seeing Kris, Kermit,and Kyle in musicals and in show choir.  After graduating from THE Ohio State University, Kermit subbed a number of times for band and choir.  He would grab the second sousaphone and we would jam out to some pep band music… GOOD TIMES!

This summer’s Festival of Flags chorus will be in need of a new leader.  Unfortunately, Ray suffered a massive stroke and heart attack and was called to direct an even larger chorus.  Emily must have needed some help directing up there… of course, nearly three years is an awful long time 😉

Rest in Heavenly Peace.

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  1. I’m not quite sure how to respond to this except may God be present with his family and friends during this season of their lives.

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