A Time For Catching Up


WOW!  Have I been lax in posting, or what?!  Think I will use this space to catch myself and all my faithful readers up on the past few weeks (that have seemed like months.  My second oldest brother went back to the doctor on Friday last and now waits until November 17th to go to the surgeon to learn when he is going to go in for his gall bladder removal.  Funny the time of this one!  A few years ago, the night before Thanksgiving, I went to my oldest brother’s house to sit with him following his own surgery… of which he had a photo taken (a nice mental picture for Halloween).

Speaking of tomorrow’s holiday… I was not able to join in much of the frivolity this year.  Last night was my Saturday to sing at mass and wouldn’t ya know “tricks or treats” was at the same time.  However, I did get to see some of the younguns in their ghastly get ups.  Elizabeth was Ghostface from the ghastly Scream films and her new friend of the male persuasion came as Fred Flintstone.  Noah was a Ninja.  Alex was a banana who decided to go as Freddy Krugger (with Jason mask and hatchet) and Charlie Sheen.  How he came up with Charlie Sheen is beyond me but he was “Winning” as he got a $10 prize at the judging.  Alyssa was a Ghoul Maid and Sydney looked like a young Glinda-like princess.  I did not get to see Shelby in her Whoopie Cushion costume.    Nor did I get to see the other three as Snow White, Wonder Woman, or the 2 week old as I Dream Of Jeannie.  Hopefully, there will be pictures of those three sometime soon.  Kyndall did win the prize for the youngest.

I just might have to dress up for my voice lesson in the morning.  Speaking of THAT… my final piece for my “Songs I Have Learned” Weekender arrived in the mail via Jeff’s mailbox last week (don’t you love the mail system?).  Now to get the other four voices together or at least inform them…

I hope you all have (or had) a frightfully ghoulish Halloween.  Now that the month is nearly complete, I pray that the final two months pass with a bit more good times because the last month seems to have had a bit more of the not so good.  And watch out for those signed documents that peculiarly are not notarized or you may get a football pulled out from under you.  UUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!

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  1. I love to see little kids dressed up for the excitement of Halloween. Today doesn’t really feel like it though since we’ve done everything Halloween related we’re gonna do. Glad you had a good time, and thanks for sharing the pics of the costumes!

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