A Tale Of Ponder-grossa and Wally World


This morning, I was treated to a story by the boss involving a dinner at an area steakhouse (one of my least favorite places).  The couple went to an area Ponderosa and Unfortunately for them, chose the WRONG place to sit.  Sitting at a table near them was a rather large, loud, and unruly bunch.  She even commented that it made a Shaffer gathering seem tame (“Hardy-har-har-har”).  As the dinner progressed, the neighboring party kept throwing biscuits at each other.  Diane’s husband commented that if one happened to hit him he would go to the other table and throw it at the adult(?) at the table along with a few epithets (there’s your .50 word for the day).  Soon after, one of the flying biscuits ricocheted off one of the children and came within inches of hitting Tony… did not hit him.  Seconds later, a three year old got hold of a lemon and threw that.  Not sure how close that got.  I’m not sure why no one complained about the crowd,  I guess it has been a while since I have eaten at a Ponderosa, but see little has changed.

Which brings me to my second tale of  this post.  It seems that my father was shopping in my FPOE.  He was looking for a bottle of shampoo which my mother had run out of in her beauty salon.  Dad, bless him, has a real problem tracking things down.  If he does not know exactly what he is looking for and where it is at… forget it.  He eventually used his cell phone to call and say he could not find it.  Why not ask an associate you ask?  AHHA, HE DID.  Apparently, he picked the wrong associate because they were “TOO BUSY” (direct quote) to assist him.  WHHOOOAAAAHHH… WAIT A MINUTE!!!!  It is a good thing I was not with him because the first thing I would have done is gently tell this associate that he would help me or I would go to another associate to see if they were too busy.  I know your boss and I am sure that he would be willing to help me.  I have been thinking about doing some investigating by going to the store one Wednesday evening to see who was working in the Health and Beauty Department and see if they are too busy.  It could be that the associate was busy, but that is certainly no way to treat ANY customer aside from the fact that they are in there at least once a week and drive 12 miles to get there.  Dad did eventually find the shampoo after Mom described the bottle to him over the phone.  It’s been a while since taylhis’ last WM post…  thought I would contribute.

6 thoughts on “A Tale Of Ponder-grossa and Wally World”

  1. FPOE? WM? 😕

    Someone needs to remind that worker that the economy is slow and there are dozens out there willing to take his job…

    Ponderosa is right up there in quality with Denny’s. There’s a reason they have always been cheaper than a real steakhouse.

  2. Hmm Ponder-grossa, I like that. Back before they were completely a buffet, Ponderosa wasn’t too bad, but that was more than 20 years ago. Times changed and the became a all you could eat place that happened to serve steak. When the change came and they just happened to serve steak, the quality of the meals suffered. I happened to eat there quite a bit in college.

    As far as the associates at Wally World, I’ve had that experience more than once. It is interesting how fast they will help when you mention something about supervisors. hee hee.

  3. Ironically, I have refrained from such anti-WM posts in recent days, but thanks for alluding to my blog! They’ve done plenty to wrong me lately though! I guess I just figured our loyal readers have better things to do than wallow in my sea of Walmart pity? Or maybe I have better things to write about these days and so I try not to let WM take over my life? Whichever may be the case for me, I definitely enjoyed reading complaints about them from someone else for a change! Next up for me… the abolishment of their ‘free cookies for kids’ policy – IT’S TRUE!!!

  4. And Ponderosa has been a see-saw for us… hated it in Illinois and after that, especially when there was a Golden Corral around… Then we liked it in Defiance, tried it again and liked it in Defiance… then hated it in Defiance (they must have changed managers and then the quality went out the window?)… I don’t know… haven’t tried it in awhile… but I do know that I would have Golden Corral any day over Ponderosa – whose prices are decent for what you get, though… you can add steak tips or a chicken entree to your all-you-can-eat buffet for less than a dollar – that’s a pretty good deal…. but quality-wise, they’ve slipped, and there are better options, of course.

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