A SUPER Bonfire


After a shortened night’s sleep (I’m sure some of my friends got less sleep than I so can’t complain) following a SUPER Friday night,  I had to work the dreaded 12-8 shift on a Saturday… it’s money.  Following the grind, the family (including our visiting cousin from Arkansas… one last get together before she boards the Greyhound tomorrow evening) met at my brothers for a bonfire that turned into an indoor affair (80+ degrees seems a bit warm for weinee roasting, marshmallow toasting, s’more creating).  So, hot dogs were put in the broiler and s’mores were made over the gas stove.  And we were treated to some of Season 3 of Lois and Clark courtesy of Jeff’s PS3 streaming of Netflix.

Season 3 finds the intrepid reporters of a great metropolitan newspaper at the beginning of their budding romance.  However, as was pointed out, long before the sound of wedding bells were rung.  DC Comics made it known that the union would not be made on screen before it was in the pages of the comic books.  A virtual reality adventure, a Lane/Kent family Christmas celebration, and voodoo hocus pocus (not one of my favorite episodes) filled the two+ hours.

While watching the adventures on the big screen, my other brother arrived after some car trouble.  It seems that he had a his starter replaced for naught.  Instead, it was determined that Chad had gotten some bad gas (pun intended).  “There was a quarter tank left” according to the fuel gauge.  Plenty of fuel to travel 10 miles. Sounds oddly familiar to me, somehow.

So… never a dull moment.  I’ll have to revisit my DVD collection of the four seasons of one of my favorite incarnations of the Man of Steel.

12 thoughts on “A SUPER Bonfire”

  1. What Jennifer Lopez, Shania Twain, or American Idol have to do with this post… I do not know. There are a few posts related to AI.

  2. I see the spambots are alive and well, unfortunately. I don’t really care who is the new host of American Idol, but maybe if it’s Shania Twain, then she’ll do us all a favor and stay out of the country music scene and the recording studio.
    Yes, Chad’s situation sounds familiar to me – a little. Don’t think it’s a constant supply of bad gas, but rather a bad fuel gauge for us. Does he have an Uplander, by chance?
    I learned an interesting tidbit about Batman the other day, but I’ll save it for another time as this post is more about Superman.
    Friday night was fun, but yeah, Saturday was a recuperation day of sorts, as much as the kids would let us anyway. Not much sleep over the weekend, feeling it today! Oh well, best to enjoy these times before the kids go back to school and we’re getting up early every day!

  3. It IS an SUV of some sort, yes. I thought the Shania “comment” would yield a reaction. As for AI in general… I plan to watch less and less. Curious about the Batman tidbit. Would be nice to learn something new in my vast attic of useless knowledge.

  4. Who is to say you don’t already know the Batman tidbit? You probably do, especially since it pertains to an historical figure whose name is very popular in our area.
    Btw – an Uplander is a mini-van, not an SUV. But SUV are known to guzzle gas anyway. As I said, I think our Uplander problem is a faulty gas gauge, which was supposed to be fixed, but…

  5. Better at least an Uplander than a Windstar? 😉

    I haven’t seen Lois & Clark since it was on TV in its initial run. So who is a better superhero, Tom Welling or Dean Cain? I would have said “superman” but Welling’s character still hasn’t gotten to that point. Perhaps you wish to forgo either of those options and choose the original from the 50’s, George Reeves? I still have to see that one- we have season 1 on DVD.

  6. Reeve, Cain, Reeves, Welling, Routh. Greatest down (Cain and Reeves are really close. Really liked both series). Sorry, we’re talking TV but there you go. Christopher will always be my favorite! I don’t think the latest big screen incarnation got much of a chance.

  7. Yes, they have been drawing it out just a bit… I knew there was no competition next to the late Mr. Reeve, so that’s why I didn’t mention him. 🙂

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