A Shower In Indigo


Today was an extremely busy fun day  I had to run to Btown for my monthly poke and got a call this afternoon informing me that all is well and  they’ll see me in another 4 weeks.  From there, I set off to find decorations for a small baby shower, Lutz and I were preparing.  Around 4:30, I went to the shelter house to decorate.  I hope the guest of honor was a LITTLE surprised?!  Fun while I was there briefly, as always.  I had to bolt shortly after the festivities began as my siblings and I were set to compete in our hometown festival’s version of Family Feud.

The set left something to be desired.  Our oldest commented that he could have done a much better job… I would have to agree.  Have you ever played Family “Fued?”  I don’t think I would want to.  Our revered mayor played host.  He did a fine  job but could have slowed the pace a bit. We were done in 20 minutes. I was going to ask if he was going to kiss the girls on the teams, but decided against it.

The Shaf siblings took on the team of Main Stop.  We were relentless.  We won each of the three rounds.  “Name a place where you meet obnoxious people.” “Name an expression with the word HEAVEN.” “Name an activity teenagers engage in when they should be studying.”

After some debate, Jeff and I played Fast Money.  Since I went last, I was driven around the grounds in a cart so I couldn’t hear the questions and answers.  It would not have hurt too much to hear the answers since the smart one only got 81 of the 200 points needed.

  • Name a vehicle named after an animal.  J: Mustang; Me: Cougar (number 1)
  • Name any color of the rainbow. J: INDIGO?!; Me: Red (number 1)
  • Name a College that generally has a good basketball team. J: Ohio State; Me: Notre Dame (first thing that came into my head)
  • Name a Cable Network beginning with the letter “C.” J: CNN; Me: C-SPAN
  • Which President has the most streets named after him. J: Washington; Me: Lincoln (tied for top answer).

Indigo may be a color of the rainbow but apparently not a very popular color of the rainbow.  In fact, I think I read that it had been downgraded.  In the end, we totaled 211 points and move on to round two!  The rest of round one begins tomorrow at 1PM.  Six other teams play (3 games total) before we take the stage sometime between 3 and 4 o’clock!  Would be nice to see some Jamiahsh fans come and cheer us on!

6 thoughts on “A Shower In Indigo”

  1. Yes, it was very fun! Sorry I had to cut out so early from the shower but glad that I could do a small part to make it relaxing and enjoyable for you. Glad you enjoyed it just a small way to say thanks for all YOU do!

  2. Wait- Cougar was the number one answer to the first question? Really? I would have thought Mustang or Jaguar would top that one. Mercury’s Cougar really would not have come to mind at all, for me at least.

    Glad to hear of a good time for all. But aren’t showers typically male-unfriendly? Perhaps that was why J *really* had to leave… 😉

  3. I’ve never really liked the limiting of showers to a specific gender. I always want Chris with me, so one of us being excluded from something like that would discourage us from going – we like to be together in our spare time. When the shower is for me, I prefer everyone welcome. Also, this shower (party) was a good way for us to see our friends since we’ve been so busy this summer – we were able to catchup without me having to worry about preparations or cleanup, and our family was “showered” with gifts!

  4. d – Understood completely 🙂
    Just so you know that any time you feel like making that 250 mile drive, just let us know so we can compare schedules and make it happen 🙂

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