A Kangaroo And His Joey On The Sidewalks Of New York


I don’t know if anyone has a picture of this or not, but it would be one for the ages.  A grown man putting a baby carrier around another grown man (check you tube). I wish I could describe it but it was funny to just be part of.  Holding my hands up in the air as we eventually got Beeber into the pouch.  Sounds like the makings for a good B sci-fi movie.  I was expecting to be weighed down considerably and be tired by night’s end, but I barely noticed the extra baggage as we walked the sidewalks of Manhattan.

We signed up to take a night tour of part of the isle of Manhattan.  Before the tour began, we took a tour of Times Square and the vicinity near the starting point of the tour.  While walking, we ran into a real life celebrity.  Morgan Freeman was standing in front of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.  Chris decided to get up close and personal for a photo op.  After the picture, he admitted that the actor had a somewhat stiff personality.  One would almost say…. candle-like?

Close by was Ripley’s house where a man swallowed a long air-filled balloon whole.  He then began to attempt the old nail in the forehead trick.  However, before he completed it, the performer informed us that the authorities were clearing the sidewalk so the show had to move inside but discount tickets would be waiting…. moving on.

Anyone who knows anything about the sidewalks of New York knows about the street vendors, pan handlers, artists, musicians, and such out there trying to make a quick buck.  We stopped at a characature artist who drew a likeness of Goose.  Next door, was a gentleman selling banners on which he would decoratively print names.  Chris decided to get a Disney banner with (irony of ironies) Disney’s name printed on it.  The artist printed the name and said for a few dollars more, he would put it in a frame.  Chris said “No frame.”  I think the man must have been a relative of the Soup Nazi  but something was definitely lost in the translation because by the time he was finished, the banner was indeed inside a paper frame.  The swindler’s accent made me think of the Nazi also.  “You said a no frame?” “Yes, I said no frame.” Congratulations my friend! Wooly Sheep! He a sound like a long lost cousin of Morat.  Sit Morat, sit!  Good Morat.

5 thoughts on “A Kangaroo And His Joey On The Sidewalks Of New York”

  1. You don’t know fun until you’ve carried one in a front pouch, one in the back pack, and running after the hyper 6/7 year old. So much fun. 😉

    1. Ahhhh… that WOULD have been something. Most of the time, I only had the tiny one in front and the two oldest holding onto either hand. I can’t say enough how great they were. Maybe they saved it all for the hotel room overnight. Guess we will have to wait for taylhis’ views.

  2. They were quite good – given all the walking and waiting and hopping on and off buses. i will NOT miss weaving that cheap little umbrella stroller amongst the crowds – I don’t know how many times poor Dis almost got stepped on! Must have been a scary vantage point for her down there!

  3. That will definitely be something to share in years to come. What a great idea you had for haing the memories to share as the kids grow.

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