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Tonight was my introduction into a new theatre board.  I think this organization will be a fun, challenging, and ultimately rewarding crowd to be a part of.  Hopefully, the passion I have for the dramatic arts will be beneficial.  This summer, the group will be presenting the beloved, immortal classic The Wizard of Oz.  I have dreamed of playing one particular role for as long as I can remember.

However, another nearby group will be presenting another of my favorite shows.  I believe that I have mentioned a time or two that I have been in two separate productions of Annie.  Back in 1992 at good ol’ EHS, I played Rooster.  Daniel Francis Hannigan will forever be one of my most memorable and favorite roles.  Back in 2001 (I believe it was), I was cast as a Hooverville-ite and as one of Daddy Warbucks’ servants.  As we approach the 35th anniversary of the musical’s Broadway debut (and it’s planned 2nd revival in 2012 as part of the celebration), the opportunity to audition for Rooster once again would be a delight!

Thank goodness, I have a few months to ponder the conundrum.

For any lurkers who may be out there who deem themselves qualified to fill one of the PAID technical (director, pit director, vocal director, etc) positions for a full-scale version of the Wizard of Oz, visit the Fountain City Festival website within the coming weeks for more information.  If you drop by the website now, you can take  tour of the past few summer shows the group has produced.

4 thoughts on “Looking Ahead”

  1. ALREADY thinking about another show? SHEESH, maybe an intervention is needed for Jamiahsh!
    Since I love the WoZ show, I’ve thought of doing something technical, but I love not being so tied down in the summer and free to travel. Besides, if I’m backstage, I can’t be in the audience to SEE the show, and that would not be acceptable! Have to make sure I’m in town at least that one weekend…

  2. ABSOLUTELY! I’m always thinking ahead, but I really haven’t seen much that looks promising until this summer AND THEY ARE BOTH MUSICALS!!! 😀

  3. I was excited when the group I am rehearsing with now said they might do Phantom (no, not *that* one) if they couldn’t get rights to Fiddler on the Roof, but now the director is talking about Crazy For You. I don’t know a single thing about that show. Hmm.

    I guess I don’t know Annie very well. Are there many male roles in the show outside of the three you mentioned? Just curious. I know Oliver!, the male counterpart as it were, doesn’t have too many female roles. Well, I think half a dozen maybe.

  4. Yes, I know the other Phantom, too. Crazy for You is a grab bag of Gershwin tunes in a plot…. which I know nothing about, either.

    Annie… the big male parts are the three (Warbucks, Rooster (aka Daniel Francis Hannigan… I must have confused you, and FDR Yes…THAT FDR). There is also radio star Bert Healey (Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile), a crowd of Hoovervillites (“We’re NOT bumbs!”), Drake (Warbucks’ butler), other assorted servants, Justice Brandeis (another historical figure) and chorus members.

    FCF was looking into Fiddler as well but could not get the rights because of the nat’l tour.

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