It really does seem like yesterday that I was on stage in what is now my third favorite role ever.  A few fantastic parts over the last 6 years or so have pushed it back a few places.  I’m not one to play favorites but let’s be honest… some roles just hold more meaning behind them.  It was either May 29-30, 1992 or May 22-23, 1992 (I’m sitting here looking at my mobile calendar) I’ll have to look at my old Log of E to find out the correct weekend but right now I have a bat roaming the premises and an Aunt visiting from California who just arrived  and decided to run and hide while she could 😉

Annie will always hold a large piece of my heart.  It was the last time I performed on the stage of the old high school auditorium.  It was the final time (and only time) Ma 2 directed a musical I was cast in.  It was the best cast of the three theatrical productions I was involved in at EHS.  It was this cast and crew that first gave me the impression that a group of performers could be so much more than a group who performed two shows (I still could have done so many more) and went their separate ways.  It created that sense of family that only the best experiences can create and the first which I was actually sad to see end.  Several of my friends were cast as well as my sister and two of my cousins and the experience only tightened that bond.  And Daniel Francis Hannigan/Rooster Hannigan/Danny the Dip was the first character that made me realize that I am a serious character actor (seems like a contradiction in terms “a serious character actor”?)

I know that I have related the audition process previously.  How I “nailed” the role of Daddy Warbucks but “could do so much more as Rooster.”  I just knew that I had to recreate that role somewhere down the line somehow.  Even when I was not cast in the role in FCF’s production a few years ago, I was not THAT upset because it would not have had the same meaning as it did the first time.  Although I did hear several audience members (many complete strangers) comment that the part was horribly miscast.

The wrap party was hilarious for many reasons.  Remember “Coke II”… previously marketed as NEW Coke?  Yes, this was my first and last experience with the beverage.    I don’t remember being as emotional after the wrap party as I was following opening night.  Maybe it was sitting through the sluggish Star Trek: The Motion Picture that caused the tears to flow. “Ah, YES, I remember it well.”

ANNNND coming this Fall… the 35th Anniversary Broadway Production.  All of the orphans and Miss Hannigan have been cast.  Alas… I am not a dancer which was something that came up this evening at work.  There was a “Vault” photo in the Earth tonight of Aggie, Warbucks, Grace Ferrell, Annie, President Roosevelt, Lily, and myself which I attempted to scan but to no avail.

What a fun trip down memory lane!

4 thoughts on “Yesterday”

  1. Does sound like a fun trip down memory lane. It’s nice to hear from someone who actually has GOOD memories of high school 😉
    And now to look toward the future…
    I have been praying that God will show you a ministry opportunity that maximizes your gifts… 🙂

  2. 😀 I have been praying the same. One I get settled in my new opportunity, we will see what opportunity presents it self!

  3. Fun memories. Even though I was down in the orchestra pit, I too had a great time working on Annie with this cast. It was really a special time. I’m so glad that the orchestra wasn’t playing when you made your first entrance. I don’t think I would’ve been able to keep my place in the music. I remember Jason on the drums was right next to me and we along with the entire audience had tears coming down our face from laughter as you “crowed” your first line. Not to use hyperbole, but it really was a magical experience.

    Even after working so many months, days and hours on Annie, I still love to see that show in full production. I’m so glad to here that it is coming back to the stage and hope it will make it to an area theater. I think my oldest daughter would get a kick out of seeing it in person.

  4. If done well, I enjoy a production of the show. A great way to introduce little girls (and boys) to the stage.

    If memory serves, your voice was heard a few times as the soap opera narrator.

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